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Cedar Valley's Top 25 Places to Work

Posted: 9/5/2004 in Company News

The top five companies in the Wartburg College search for the best places to work in the Cedar Valley ranked "well ahead of everyone else," said Patrick Langan, assistant professor of business administration. 

They consistently scored high in categories indicating a family-friendly workplace - primarily flexibility in scheduling; have an open door policy; and offer employees "lots of feedback" on performance and what they can do to improve, said Langan.

Another measure of employee job satisfaction among the top companies is empowering people to improve their jobs. "If you can find a better way to do it, you can, and you don't have to ask permission," Langan observed.

Many of the top companies have experienced strong growth, but have accommodated their existing employees within that growth instead of rushing out to add new people, said Langan. A trend among many employers, locally and nationwide, is that employees are being asked to do more. "Those companies who have not made the top 25 haven't reacted as well to increased demands on their work force Langan acknowledges that even among the top companies there were occasional negative comments. "One employee said this is a great place to work but there are way too many meetings," he said.

"It goes to show that even though you're doing things right, there's always room for improvement."

Cedar Valley's Top 25 Places to Work

1. Crystal Distribution
2. Bertch Cabinet Manufacturing
3. Friendship Village
4. Target Distribution Center
6. Waterloo Schools
7. VGM
8. Engineering Products Co.
9. Principal Financial - Cedar Falls Location
10. City of Waterloo
11. Tyson
12. Parkview Nursing and Rehab Center
13. UNI
14. Covenant Medical Center
15. Iowa Laser
16. Affina
17. ConAgra
18. Hawkeye CC
19. Martin Bros. Distribution
20. Corkery
21. Allen Hospital
22. CUNA