Construction Details

Doors and Drawer fronts

Standard Drawer Box:

Doors and Drawer Fronts are manufactured in house by Bertch Craftsmen. They are available in a selection of 3-D Laminate colors. See Door Styling Section for details. Doors with a concealed self closing hinge will have Soft Close.

Drawer Box

Standard Drawer Box:

Drawer box sides, front and back are 5/8” thick solid wood, dovetailed at all four corners. Drawer bottom is 1/4” thick plywood. Drawer box is fastened to drawer front with screws and has a lifetime guarantee. Drawers are affixed with adjusting screws which permit alignment of drawer fronts when installing. After this final alignment, drawer fronts must be permanently secured to the drawer box. This can be accomplished with the installation of hardware pulls securely through the front of the drawer box and drawer front or by permanently screwing the drawer front to the drawer box from the inside. (If using the latter method we suggest pre-boring with a 5/32” bit and using a #6x1” pan head phillips wood screw).

Drawer glides

Standard Drawer Box:

Drawer glides are full extension undermount, soft motion self closing with an easy release mechanism. They have a load rating of 75 lbs. per pair.

Case Work: Box Construction

Sides, Tops and Bottoms:

3/4” medium density Particle Board Core with a 3-D Laminate Matching Color on the interior and exterior. Face edges are banded with a tough PVC which blends with the job face. Joints are doweled and glued. Standard base cabinets, have open tops with bracing rails at the front and rear for structural stability.


1/4” PBC with a 3-D Laminate Matching interior face. Backs are dadoed into the sides, top and bottom of the case. 1/2” X 2” cleats are attached to the back of the base cabinets at the top of the case.


Shelves are 3/4” medium density Particle Board Core with a 3-D Laminate Matching top and bottom and banded on the front. Shelves are supported with metal shelf supports and are adjustable on 32mm increments. Shelves in all standard cases are full depth.


Base cabinets are supplied with 3/4" thick plywood in the same 3-D Laminate Matching Color as the cabinet. Ordered in 4 3/8” x 8’ lengths, banded both ends and shipped loose with order.


The standard hinge is the “clip” concealed hinge. This hinge features the very latest innovation in hinge technology. It has a 120 degree opening arc with 3-dimensional independent adjustment. (Degree of opening will vary on corner application.) The hinge baseplate is factory attached to the cabinet side. The “clip” hinge then snaps onto the mounting plate without the use of tools. Once the cabinet doors have been aligned to the proper position they can be removed and put back on the cabinet without further adjustment.


Available 3-D Laminate colors are Carribean White, Cordovan Cherry, Dark Chocolate, Light Mahogany, Macassar, Wenge, and White.