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Nestled in the heart of the Midwest, Bertch has been reviving the cherished art of traditional cabinetmaking since 1977.

A true American success story that started in the family barn. Bertch began manufacturing cabinetry in 1977 with a 4 person volleyball team, a table saw and a dream.

Nestled in the heart of the Midwest, Bertch has been reviving the cherished art of traditional cabinetmaking for over 40+ years, reflecting a commitment to reforestation, recycling and a general respect for the environment. Utilizing only the finest wood, furniture joints and exceptional finishes to create distinct products for the home and hospitality industry.

Core Corporate Philosophy Remains Today

Bertch is a totally integrated manufacturer producing all components in house. Cogeneration is part of the corporate strategy. Today's modern manufacturing facility is in excess of 1,000,000 sq ft, with state of the art plant design and equipment. An experienced workforce of 600+ associates, many with 10+ years of skill and experience, create products that are delivered on  air ride tractor/trailers nationwide.

In 2021, GHK Capital Partners acquired Bertch to build upon the legacy of finely crafted cabinetry.  Under the portfolio of Supreme Cabinetry Brands, Bertch Cabinetry and Dura Supreme Cabinetry are two distinct brands, located in the Midwest, crafting beautiful kitchen and bath cabinetry for homes across the USA.

  • 1977: Bertch Barn

    Bertch has been perfecting the art of cabinetry since 1977. Converting a barn on the family farm into a cabinet shop with a few dedicated employees and an operating philosophy that remains the same even today. 

    Using solid wood components coupled with furniture construction details
    and high performance finishes. A strong midwestern work ethic and dedication
    to quality produced some of the finest bath cabinetry in America.

  • 1977: Bath Division

    The concept was to build a high-quality bath vanity at a competitive price.  Initially producing vanities in one wood, one color and one style.  Bertch moved from the barn into an Industrial Park on the south side of Waterloo and today has one of the most extensive bath cabinet programs in North America.

    Bertch Bath - Tiffany
  • 1983: Transportation Division

    Continuing in the tradition of delivering high quality products on time to the customer's expectation spurred Bertch into entering  the transportation business. A fleet of tractor trailers were lined up, drivers were hired and Bertch begins hand delivering their own products on Bertch trucks.

    Bertch G.O.E.
  • 1984: Kitchen Division

    The bath division continues to grow as kitchen sales opportunities pushed Bertch to start up a Kitchen Division in a satellite plant located in downtown Waterloo.  Bertch is now in the Kitchen cabinet business and moves into a new office.

    Bertch Kitchens
  • 1988: Begin Distributing Trees

    Over the years Bertch has distributed tens of thousands of trees to
    associates and school children as part of an ongoing reforestation effort.

    Bertch Seedling Distribution
  • 1988: Associate Travel Incentive 

    Travel incentives begin as a piece of the Bertch culture.  The plan was if certain production and financial goals were met the entire company would shutdown and head to Acapulco in January of 1989.  All for one and one for all became a part of the Bertch team building history.  Travel incentives for cruises, trips to Hawaii and other tropical places took place in the years to come.

    Bertch Acapulco Vacation
  • 1989: Paragon (Glass) Division

    Following the philosophy of quality products and onetime delivery Bertch enters into the glass and mirror business.  Fabricating, cutting and beveling mirrors and glass to supply their cabinet divisions.

    Bertch Paragon
  • 1990: Oasis (Cultured Marble) Division

    As the bath cabinet business continues to grow many customers are in need of a Cultured Marble top program.  After purchasing from outside sources with lengthy lead times Bertch decides to expand and build another facility introducing the Oasis Division featuring an ICPA certified cast polymer top program.

    Bertch Oasis
  • 1992: Legacy Kitchen Division

    Bertch continued to grow in kitchen and branches off to produce a separate  semi custom cabinet line, Legacy. Selecting only certain doors styles and components to create a new division marketing to yet another audience. Employee numbers and benefits continued to grow with the business.

    Bertch Legacy Division
  • 1995: Onsite Health Center

    Focusing on associate health and well being Bertch adds "The Center" an on-site fitness facility for Bertch employees and their families.

    The Center at Bertch
  • 2000: Marketplace Division

    The Marketplace stock kitchen cabinet division developed out of the need for an economically priced builder line of cabinetry, branching off of the Legacy and Custom cabinet lines. This was a scaled down version of the semi custom cabinet lines.

    Bertch Marketplace
  • 2000: Timbergate (Interior Door) Div.

    In an effort to improve utilization of otherwise scrap material an interior door division evolved. Core materials for the stiles and rails were composed of small pieces of unused wood from the cabinet operation. Product line continues to evolve.

    Bertch Timbergate
  • 2003: Green Initiative

    Bertch adds a new eco-friendly UV finishing technology minimizing emissions for less air pollution. Facilities continue to burn sawdust to generate electricity and heat.

    Bertch UV finishing technology
  • 2011: Hospitality Division

    Working through nationally designated service providers, Bertch has become known as a key supplier of a wide array of hospitality products and furniture nationwide.

    Bertch Hospitality

    2021: Bertch acquired

    Bertch Cabinet Mfg., Inc. was acquired by GHK Capital Partners to build upon the legacy of finely crafted cabinetry. Under the portfolio of Supreme Cabinetry Brands, Bertch and Dura Supreme Cabinetry are two distinct brands, located in Iowa and Minnesota, crafting beautiful kitchen and bath cabinetry for homes across the USA.