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Ash Drawer Boxes

While the Ash wood dwindles due to the emerald ash borer, Bertch is making sure this versatile species doesn't go to waste.

ash drawer box

The emerald ash borer continues to attack ash trees across the country.  It is estimated that hundreds of millions of ash trees have been killed by this invasive species. The adult beetles lay eggs on the bark of ash trees. When the eggs hatch, the larvae (immature beetles) bore into the bark and feed on the circulatory tissues of the tree. This disrupts the movement of nutrients and water within the tree, strangling it and causing tree death. The bark erodes but the core and integrity of the wood remains. 

Ash is a hardwood that machines easily, accepts finish well, and has very consistent overall strength properties relative to its weight.

The decision was made to start to utilize ash wood in the drawer boxes for our Bath division. We feel this is a way of rescuing some of this beautiful, versatile wood for use in our vanities.