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Bertch entered the Hospitality business in 2011. Working through nationally designated service providers, Bertch has become known as a key supplier of hospitality furniture nationwide.

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Hospitality Products

Bertch has produced a wide array of products for the Hospitality industry.



Bertch Hospitality Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen Cabinets

Bertch Hospitality beverage station

Beverage Stations

Hospitality Vanities


Bertch Hospitality Communal Tables

Communal Tables

Bertch Hospitality Desks

Business Center Desks

Bertch Hospitality Wall Units

Wall Units

Bertch Hospitality Custom Order

Custom Order

Hospitality Collections

Bertch has several pre-designed full line collections to choose from. All collections include headboards, nightstands, dressers, micro-fridge furniture, mirrors, tables, and desks.

Custom Order

Most of Bertch's Hospitality experience comes in the form of custom order. Specifications are supplied by architects or designers, and Bertch will quote on an individual basis. 

Thanks to our versatile manufacturing space and experienced workforce, we are able to adjust seamlessly to each individual job.

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Hospitality Custom Order