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Bathroom Color Schemes

POSTED ON Thursday, October 31, 2019 IN Bathroom

Unleash your artistic talent with the color scheme of your dreams

More of today’s homeowners want bathrooms that stand out, and there are even some who are more adventurous and willing to experiment with color. They are mixing and matching to create custom looks, even down to the smallest details. With so many different combinations of colors to choose from, it can be difficult to know where to start.

Fortunately, we can walk you through some of the most popular bathroom color schemes available today and help you figure out which aesthetic is right for your space.

White Bathroom Color Schemes

White continues to be the most popular color choice for bathrooms. Life can be very complicated, and today’s homeowners want to be able to go home and decompress in a quiet, serene space. White is a neutral choice that keeps the atmosphere fresh, light, and bright.

White is especially popular for modern bathrooms that favor the clean, simple, and minimalist style of the 1950s and 60s. It’s a color choice with a crisp look that also reflects light better than other colors, allowing smaller bathroom spaces to appear larger. White, off white, or even lighter shades of grey can help open up a space when paired with the right tile and countertop choices.

Tile is a staple of today’s bathrooms. Most homeowners won’t even consider a remodel without tile. Geometric tiles are frequently paired with vanity colors that are neutral and calming.

If you’re not feeling partial to the bright white, consider more of a creamy white with warm undertones. This can be especially effective for darker spaces. The cream white color can make the bathroom feel less stark, imbuing the space with the calming vibes of a retreat.

Blue Bathroom Color Schemes

Although white continues to dominate the space, blue bathrooms are trending, specifically cobalt blue. You would be hard pressed to find a color combination more iconic than blue and white, and cobalt blue and crisp white work in concert to brighten and bring drama to a space.

One of the appeals of blue is the variety of shades. Blue tends to evoke a very spa-like feel in bathrooms, and soft shades of blue with cabinets and countertops can create a clean and tranquil aesthetic. Pale blue and white are a traditional color combination that is both warm and serene, ideal for bathrooms that also have a source of natural light. Coastal blue is a shade darker, but also good for a bright and fresh look when used in a color scheme with white. 

If you favor a shade darker than even cobalt, midnight blue would certainly provide a more striking color with contrasting white tiles and fixtures.

Black Bathroom Color Schemes

Darker colors are less common in bathrooms because they can make spaces appear smaller, but there are certainly color schemes that embrace their more appealing visual qualities. Black is often used when there is a desire for contrast. Black and white, for example, is a classic combination that works well for traditional and even contemporary bathrooms.

Other homeowners opt for black because they are looking for darker hues to create more of a moody space. There are contemporary bathrooms that experiment with a combination of red, white, and black for a sleek and urban feel. Black can also be used to highlight the woodwork in your bathroom. Birch, which has very little grain pattern, is a popular choice of wood to be used with solid colors.

Matte black and champagne gold are a popular choice for faucets, and hardware. Either of them can be effectively paired with a white or soft grey cabinet.


Grey Bathroom Color Schemes

Grey is another versatile color with a number of shades from which to choose. Warm grey, for example, is a neutral shade that can provide depth and visual interest. It is best utilized in an organic color scheme for spaces that require more of a soothing or even somber feel.

Charcoal grey walls with white fixtures is a modern color combination that contrasts beautifully in a contemporary space. Grey vanities and cabinetry can provide a neutral balance with a refreshing shade of blue for bathrooms in need of a soft and crisp energy boost.

Black and grey is a bathroom color scheme that can help bridge the gap between traditional and contemporary. Pale grey marble countertops and tile with black cabinetry cohere well enough that they are perfect for a traditional bathroom in need of a contemporary touch.


There is no shortage of color combinations to choose from for your bathroom. You may not know exactly what best suits your space until you see it up close and in person. To take a look at our color options and talk about possible combinations, visit our nearest showroom.


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