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Bathroom Organization to Make the Most of Your Space

POSTED ON Monday, May 11, 2020 IN Bathroom

Tips on how to reduce clutter and organize your bathroom essentials for ease of access

When you are remodeling your bathroom and considering how to make the most efficient and effective use of your space, keep in mind that storage and organization are not always the same thing. They may serve similar purposes, but there is a difference between creating more storage space and organizing to ensure your bathroom essentials are accessible and easy to find.

There is no shortage of options available to homeowners looking for bathroom storage ideas, from bathroom sink cabinets to hampers. But if your goal is to optimize how your bathroom is organized, we can help you come up with creative solutions, no matter the size of your space.

Bathroom cabinets are for more than simple storage

It is not a new concept to have cabinets installed as part of a bathroom remodel, but have you considered how you plan to use that cabinetry? Often you’ll see bathroom cabinets reduced to a simple catch-all storage space, where anything without a proper home ends up.

When you are exploring your options for a bathroom sink cabinet, otherwise known as a vanity, pay close attention to the interior storage. Consider how you might be able to maximize that space beyond what it was originally designed for, bearing in mind that most vanities will also house a sink and the necessary plumbing. The inside of the cabinet doors, for example, may present an opportunity for organization. You could attach clear bins on the back of the doors or use an over-the-door rack to place items that you use on a regular basis. Hair organizers, which are designed to hold hair dryers, hair straighteners, brushes, and other hair accessories, can be placed on the inside of a cabinet door, hung over the top of the bathroom door, or even installed to slide out from the inside of the cabinet.

hair appliance organizer in a cabinet

If you have a variety of bathroom products or accessories you need to use to get ready in the morning, utilizing metal pullouts, depending on your available space, can eliminate clutter and allow for ease of access. The cabinet space under your sink represents another area with enough real estate for a pullout drawer or a caddy. Aside from your vanity, built-in hamper units placed either beside your sink base or in the bottom of a linen cabinet help to quickly remove soiled wash cloths, hand towels, or other laundry items from sight.

If it is the medicine cabinet above your sink that could use a sense of order, consider it an invitation to get creative. Be sure to consider a medicine cabinet with adjustable shelves, making it easy to manage items of all different sizes. Some homeowners have repurposed cups and mason jars to serve as elegant solutions for their organizational problems. You can cleanly and conveniently store items with the cups or jars and make effective use of the vertical space. Baskets or plastic organizers with labels applied to them are also a simple but effective way to get organized.

bathroom undersink caddy for paper towels and cleaners

Organization solutions for your linen cabinet

Linen cabinets are a bathroom staple if you have the room — and with good reason. They can be a standalone item or can be butted up to your vanity, available in different sizes from 18”-36” in width depending on your bathroom space. Not to mention the extra storage space linen cabinets provide for storing toilet paper or tissues, and the opportunities for organization they can create.

What you are able to organize within your linen cabinet will depend on the type of linen cabinet you have installed, but fortunately there are a variety of options available. Some will have traditional doors or drawers, where you can cleanly and easily store towels, sheets, and other linens. There are also linen cabinets with concealed drawers for a simpler outward appearance but more sophisticated interior storage space to organize your linens or even baby diapers and wipes.

With enough interior storage space, you may also be able to place a hamper inside of your linen cabinet as we mentioned above, as mentioned previously, allowing you to store your laundry in a concealed area that is not so out in the open.

concealed drawers behind the doors of a bathroom linen cabinet

Take advantage of wall space with shelving or wall cabinets

If you have limited floor space, make the most of your wall space. Bathroom shelving can solve your practical need for more organization and also add a splash of style to your space. Standing shelves may not be as popular as they once were, but more homeowners are opting for floating shelves that offer an artful way to store and display your bathroom essentials.

riverside birch driftwood cabinets in a contemporary bathroom

If you’re not sure where to put your shelving or wall cabinets, look up. Organization also applies to the things you don’t use every day, so if you need a place to put items you don’t reach for as often, consider adding a shelf above the bathroom door for towels or extra linens, seasonal towels, or soaps. Over-the-toilet wall cabinets with open shelves have always been popular, taking advantage of that easy-to-reach space. The interior space of a wall cabinet could also benefit from utilizing a tray turntable to eliminate clutter and allow for ease of access to items.

You’re likely to find a number of versatile offerings on the market, with different combinations of butt or single doors complete with interior adjustable shelves.

Shelves can also be used to corral a collection of smaller items. Consider organizing these bathroom essentials into baskets that can then be placed on the shelves.

You don’t have to limit your shelving to flat walls, either. Corner floating shelves can be a convenient alternative, whatever the layout of your bathroom is. Feel free to use them however you desire, from a place for candles and plants to a space for an extra roll of toilet paper.

Clear up clutter with a bathroom drawer organizer

Everyone knows that bathroom cabinet drawers can become unruly before long, collecting all manner of toiletries, items, and accessories. Instead of having to search for what you need every morning, drawer dividers are a simple solution that can make life easier. Imagine being able to organize the products in your vanity drawer so that what you need is at your fingertips when you need it, rather than having to go on a safari in search of a particular item.

As you are exploring your bathroom sink cabinet options for your remodel, take the opportunity to assess your needs and the needs of anyone else with whom you’ll be sharing the bathroom. You’ll need to be able to satisfy everyone’s bathroom storage needs, while also considering how to best organize everything in a way that makes the most sense for all involved.

Remodeling your bathroom can be an exciting undertaking, but it can also be easy to feel overwhelmed as you explore the number of options available to you. To figure out what works for your bathroom and how to best organize your toiletries, accessories, and other items, visit our nearest showroom and talk to a designer.


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