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Bathroom Renovation Checklist - What to Include

POSTED ON Friday, September 2, 2022 IN Bathroom

Planning a bathroom remodel? Our checklist may help you figure out what you need – and what you don't.

Remodel your bathroomA bathroom renovation is one of the most popular projects to tackle as a homeowner. Because of the relatively small square footage, you may assume this could be a quick, easy (or cheap) renovation. While there are ways to do a simple bathroom facelift, homeowners need to consider more than just upfront costs when planning a full renovation. 

As with any renovation project, consider your budget as well as factors that impact resale value. The rising cost of materials and higher interest rates make it increasingly important to pencil out the cost as well as any expected return. Before beginning, consider how long you plan to stay in your current home and whether the renovations you planned fit well within the overall home’s style and aesthetic. 

Bathroom remodels are the most popular project to tackle; Zillow found that more than half of homeowners surveyed would consider a bathroom renovation next year. - PR Newswire

Bathrooms may be the most popular room to remodel–and also one of the most complicated. The most important factors to consider as you  budget for your remodel include partnering with reputable contractors and ensuring your plumber plans for drainage thoughtfully. For more advice, check out our Ultimate Guide to Bathroom Remodels. Below you’ll find some of the lesser-known tips for renovations, and what you should avoid when planning your project.

Don't Blow the Budget on Expensive Finishes

Remodeling a bathroom is on the more expensive side of home renovation projects. Although quality finishes can be long-lasting, take care to consider the style of these items. You should also consider your commitment to the home. If your plan is to resell, do not invest your budget in luxury bathroom finishes and high-end tile materials.

To keep your remodel from looking dated down the road and also appeal to more potential buyers, choose timeless pieces for your more permanent fixtures. Quality cabinetry, durable faucets and fixtures, and neutral finishes will provide the best value for your money. To make your space more custom or trendy consider items that are easier to replace like curtains, textiles, paint, and even lighting.

Plan for Proper Ventilation

Ventilation can make or break a bathroom space. Proper ventilation can not only dissipate steam when showering, it can impact the cleanliness of your space and prevent mold growth on surfaces. 

Do not forget to consider where your ventilation will take steamy air; which should be an exterior wall for proper vent placement. Also consider controls for the vent – do you want the vent to always be on when the lights are on or operate with a separate control? Do you want an automatic timer that allows your fan to run for a certain amount of time?

Include Adequate SpacingInclude adequate spacing

Nothing is worse than tiling a full shower and then realizing that the controls are in the wrong place. Or placing a built-in bench that takes up too much space to move around it comfortably. Shifting fixtures, towel racks, or door placement a few inches could make a huge difference. When planning out your remodel, double-check that you have enough clearance for your everyday activities. It could be that your space isn’t big enough to accommodate your list of dream features and you may need to choose a smaller alternative. 

Don’t think you can rely on your contractors to make every choice. Sometimes spacing decisions like shower head height are personal preference. Stand inside your rough framed shower and see how much room you have. Will your elbow hit the door? Is there adequate space to have your shower door swing in? Where will your drain be placed? Will you have to get wet in order to turn on your shower?

Remodeling a small bathroom? Check out our tips and tricks to save time and money.

Plan Enough StoragePlan Enough Storage

Think through where you will keep washcloths, towels, makeup, hair appliances, extra toiletries, personal care items, and more. Your storage needs will be one of the most important considerations when planning out your bathroom, as inadequate storage leads to clutter.

Bathroom organization options can be built into your cabinetry to make the most of the space you have. If you have a larger floor plan you may consider tall linen cabinets, built-in shelving, or additional wall cabinets. Consider incorporating a variety of drawers for your many storage needs. Work with a professional to plan out your storage and cabinetry.

Prioritize Lighting

Plan your bathroom lightingLighting can be one of the most essential elements of a bathroom renovation. This includes not just the style of your lighting fixtures, but also the amount and quality of light needed to perform specific tasks. Think through how much and what kind of lighting you want around your vanity mirror. Inadequate lighting can make a significant difference in things like makeup application and shaving.

Consider whether you want to add accent lighting or task lighting to different zones of your bathroom. For example, some remodelers choose to add recessed lights to a shower to draw attention to beautiful tilework.

Avoid remodeling mistakes. Our design experts can help plan storage needs and offer design assistance. Visit a Bertch Dealer to browse storage options, door styles, and color options along with popular combinations with one of our experienced designers.


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