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Bathroom Vanity and Sink Styles

POSTED ON Thursday, January 24, 2019 IN Bathroom

Exploring the wide range of options for your bathroom vanity

When it comes to creating the bathroom of your dreams, selecting the bathroom vanity and cabinet styles is only the first step. Consider the vanity countertop and sink, where you’ll be brushing your teeth in the morning and washing your face before bed at night. It is an integral piece of your bathroom design and requires as much attention as anything else in the space.

There is certainly no shortage of options from which to choose, from the number of sinks and the styles of sinks to the types of vanity tops and how the sink will be placed. Only by examining the features and unique characteristics of each option will you find the perfect match for you.

Double Sink

Why settle for one sink when you can have two? You might have made it work sharing a single sink when you and your significant other were living in your first apartment, but as a homeowner now, remodeling your bathroom is the perfect opportunity to make a change.

Installing two sinks will offer each of you your own personal space in the master bathroom to get ready in the morning or extra room for the kids. More space means less clutter on the counter, and two separate sinks means you won’t have to reach over anyone to grab your toothbrush.

Since more couples prefer to have their own sinks, upgrading to a double sink can add value to your home and become a selling point if you decide to make a move.

Integral Sink

The popular kid on the block, so to speak, in terms of bathroom sink styles, is an integral sink in the countertop These are available in oval, rectangular, and the popular wave bowl shape, as well as an extra thick countertop option called Venetia.

The popularity of an integral bowl countertop stems from being easy to clean and keep clean, in addition to being stain and temperature resistant.

Available in 19- or 22-inch depth, as well as stock sizes from 18 to 73 inches, the integral sink can be ordered with a 4- or 8-inch faucet spread, unless you would prefer a single hole faucet or to not have any hole in your countertop and instead select a wall mount faucet. Your faucet selection should be made at the same time you are selecting your countertop. Obviously, plumbing specifications must also be checked when creating your dream bathroom.

Vessel bowl sinks are typically a ceramic free-standing sink that sits atop a countertop made of marble, granite, formica, or cultured marble. As the name would suggest, it is a vessel into which a non-standard faucet pours water. It is a bold design choice that offers comfort, variety and uniqueness. The faucet is mounted either on the countertop or on the wall.

Vessel sinks are also an opportunity to exercise your creativity. There are limitless design options for the vessel itself, from a porcelain china bowl to blown art glass. You’d be hard pressed to find a more striking look than what a vessel sink can offer.

The lotus bowl sink from Bertch is an elegant example of a vessel bowl sink that can enhance the decor of a modern or contemporary style bathroom. It can be mounted on the top of the vanity in three distinct levels on the countertop. To tailor to your taste, choose a color that either matches or contrasts the decking to create a look unique to your bathroom.

Glass Sink

Homeowners who wish to customize the focal point of their bathroom with an eye-catching design often find themselves drawn towards a glass sink. Something as simple as a beautiful, clear glass sink can have a transformative effect on the entire space. Just keep cleaning in mind as most glass sinks require a bit of regular maintenance.

Glass vessel sinks are especially popular among today’s homeowners. The traditionally-crafted round glass vessel sink adds a touch of pure elegance to your bathroom, and can provide you with a captivating bathroom centerpiece that will make a lasting impression on your guests.

Basin Vanity

Basin vanities, which typically feature a round, curved, or square wash basin, can be found in a range of designs depending on your preference, from pedestal to wall-mounted to countertop. No matter what type of basin vanity you decide to install, you’ll be bringing a modern sense of style to your bathroom. And even an average-sized wash basin offers ample space.

Double basin sink vanities are especially popular among homeowners who desire enough comfortable counter space to accommodate two or more people. These bathroom vanities offer a beautiful contrasting appearance and an abundance of storage space.

Recessed Vanity

Go with the trendy semi-recessed or the classic recessed bathroom sink for your modern or contemporary bathroom design. Fully recessed sinks are completely sunken into the vanity top, whereas semi-recessed means that a portion of the sink rests above the countertop.

The appeal of a recessed sink, at least from a functionality standpoint, is greater basin stability. Placed in a hole cut larger than the drain hole and smaller than the diameter of the sink, the basin sinks about half-way into the vanity but not as far as a drop-in sink. Both recessed and undermount sinks can provide more counter space for personal accessories.

In terms of style, a recessed sink can add a touch of panache to your bathroom. When selecting an undermount sink, keep in mind that the countertop you choose must be sealed as the edge of the cutout will be exposed to water.

Oval Vanity Sink

Bathroom vanities with an oval sink are a traditional choice. Homeowners will often find themselves choosing between a rectangular or an oval shape of their bathroom sink. It ultimately boils down to your personal style preference, but oval sinks can be easier to rinse out with no corners to clean and generally look less cumbersome. It’s a classic choice.

Oval bowl bathroom sinks, available recessed or non-recessed, are available from Bertch in faux granite, marble, and oasis solid colors.

Venecia Rectangle Bowl - Non-recessed

Custom Vanity Tops

The beauty of working with Bertch is that when you don’t see what you’re looking for, we can create it for you. Don’t settle for a one-size-fits-all solution when you can have a custom bathroom vanity top that has been tailored to your personal style.

Choose everything yourself, from the type of edge — bevel, rope, square, or waterfall — to faux granite or solid color materials, with a rainbow of colors from which to select.

One example is the custom vanity top here that incorporates a recessed oval bowl sink into a countertop made from faux granite and finished with a unique pebble color with a waterfall custom edge option.

There are plenty of choices — maybe even more than you imagined — for your bathroom vanity and sink. Making the right choice is about finding what matches your personal style and complements your decor, with craftsmanship that is both durable and distinctive.

To find out more about options and customizations for your bathroom, visit our nearest showroom to talk to a designer and see our vanities and sinks up close and in person.


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