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Kid-Friendly Bathroom Design

POSTED ON Wednesday, November 15, 2023 IN Bathroom

Explore innovative guest/kids bathroom ideas and tips to design a safe, functional, and engaging space. From faucets to storage, find ways to create a child-friendly haven!

Bright walls in a kid-friendly bathroomCreating a family-friendly bathroom involves a delicate balance of practicality and creativity. It's about seamlessly integrating playful elements with functional aspects. From colorful accents to well-thought-out storage solutions, designing a kid-friendly bathroom is an opportunity to craft a space that not only sparks joy and imagination but also prioritizes safety and ease of use for children.

By selecting durable materials and non-slip surfaces, incorporating childproof fixtures, and optimizing accessibility with adjustable features, you're not just designing a bathroom — you're shaping an environment that caters specifically to the needs of the youngest family members. This intentional blend of whimsy and practicality ensures that the space evolves with your children, adapting to their changing requirements and offering a comfortable and secure area for their growth and development.

Functional Design for Kids

First and foremost, functionality is an essential element of any bathroom design. Take the time to think through who will typically utilize the space. Is this a designated kid bathroom? Does it double as a guest bath when the need arises? Or is it a space the entire family needs to share equally? Once the audience is taken into consideration, tailor your storage, access, and customization to those who will be using the space most.

Accessible Storage Solutions

Bath time becomes more fun with the addition of toys, sponges, and stacking cups. When you have little ones, bath toy storage becomes an important consideration when designing a bathroom. In addition to toys, parents of small children and toddlers may wish to plan for additional bathroom storage to accommodate diapers, wipes, or other baby accessories. Extra bathroom storage — especially in areas accessible to children — is an excellent option. This pull-out linen hamper cabinet could be used for dirty clothes or storing bath toys within easy reach of smaller family members.Linen hamper built into base cabinet for laundry or bathroom

Adjustable shelves or drawers at various heights can add to your storage options while maintaining accessibility. If you have multiple kids sharing a bathroom, extra towel hooks are a great addition. A handy wall of hooks gives each kid and family member a spot for their towel, so there’s no excuse for leaving towels on the floor.

Pull out bathroom storage

Step Stools and Reachable Fixtures

A step stool allows easy access to sinks and toilets and can help parents reach top shelves to store items out of sight. Reachable fixtures or a handy step by the sink allows children to reach the faucet comfortably and encourages children to be independent. Facilitate the development of hygiene habits by placing hygiene items at reachable heights, providing child-friendly soap dispensers, and incorporating elements that encourage self-care and independence.

Customization for Different Ages

Bath toy storage may be essential at one point in life, and before you know it you need to repurpose that storage space for hair styling tools and body care products. An adaptable design will grow with your family as your needs change and children grow. In-drawer outlets as shown above can be useful for wipes warmers when kids are in the baby stage and allow older children to plug in hair appliances, toothbrushes, or electric razors as they grow into teens and young adults. Adaptable storage solutions can be repurposed as your family grows, and bath fixtures can be changed out in favor of an adjustable-height shower, planning for children of different age groups.

Playful world map wallpaper behind white vanity

Engaging and Playful Elements

In family-friendly bathroom design, aesthetics play a significant role alongside functionality and form. The incorporation of engaging and playful elements goes beyond mere visual appeal; it cultivates an environment where children feel not only comfortable but also excited about their space. By infusing playful elements into the design, the bathroom transcends being a mere utilitarian area to become an inviting haven for the entire family. Vibrant colors, imaginative themes, and interactive features are pivotal components that transform an ordinary space into an area that sparks joy and creativity.

Creative and Colorful Decor

Incorporate vibrant colors and playful themes to create an inviting space, concentrating color in areas that can be effortlessly changed as preferences evolve. Aim for a timeless design that seamlessly adapts to the child's shifting tastes. Opt for enduring, durable materials and versatile color schemes that can be effortlessly complemented with interchangeable accessories.

Interactive Features

Introducing interactive elements such as bath toys or vibrant wall decals not only infuses fun and excitement into the space but also encourages an inviting atmosphere. It's recommended to opt for durable, easy-to-clean materials when incorporating these additions, ensuring a hassle-free maintenance routine without compromising on the playful ambiance.

Colorful stool sties at makeup counter in bathroom

Image Credit: Milhurst Mills

Irrespective of your children's ages, ensuring ample, good lighting and employing neutral color schemes for permanent fixtures fosters a timeless appeal, enabling your home to grow along with your family. Embracing quality finishes that transcend passing trends ensures a consistent style, while using durable materials guarantees the longevity needed to withstand the dynamic demands of a growing family for years to come.

Safety Measures in Kid-Friendly Bathroom Design

Non-Slip Surfaces

Non-slip flooring, mats, and other surfaces allow for safe entry into the bathroom. Consider that water spills can and do happen in a bathroom and allow for quick and easy absorption with a bathmat that can be moved around where needed. Some materials or products that provide adequate traction include suction against the floor to prevent movement. Bamboo can be an excellent material for bathroom design as it’s eco-friendly and sturdy.

Childproofing Fixtures

If your family includes young children, childproof locks on cabinets and drawers can ensure safe storage of bath or cleaning products, and can keep little hands away from potentially hazardous items. Another consideration may include a door child lock to prevent access to the bathroom itself. Also available are pinch guards that protect little fingers from getting closed in doors. Whether your children are small or entering their teen years, soft-close features on cabinets, drawers, and even toilet seats can prevent injuries as well as protect your design elements, and help build good habits.

Water Temperature Control

A child’s skin is sensitive and too hot of water can irritate or even scald. A bath thermometer can help you ensure the water temperature is just right before lowering your child or yourself into a full bath. Temperature-regulated faucets or thermostatically controlled valves can be used to prevent scalding. Settings at the water heater can prevent scalding when set to no more than 120°F. Kid-friendly faucet designs typically feature a single-handle lever which is easier to function for small hands.

Creating a kid-friendly bathroom helps prioritize safety, functionality, and creativity in their bathroom designs for families.

Ready to create the perfect kid-friendly bathroom? Visit a Bertch Dealer for expert guidance, tailored solutions, and additional information. Let our team help you transform your space into a safe and inviting haven for your little ones. Find a dealer near you and start your bathroom design journey today!


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