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Trend Alert: Light Wood Bathroom Vanities

POSTED ON Friday, July 1, 2022 IN Bathroom

Light natural wood has been trending as a way to bring an organic style into a modern home.

These days, interior designers are looking for ways to warm up all-white spaces, bringing a natural, organic vibe to the clean aesthetic we’ve seen dominate the last few years. There are many ways to bring warmth to your interior design using color, texture, and other finishes. 

Natural wood has been gaining favor with designers and homeowners because of its ability to bring warmth into a space with its unique look. Natural wood contains its own grain patterns with swirls and beautiful imperfections. Natural wood can fit almost any design, from traditional to modern by varying the door styles, stain color, hardware, and accessories.

Light wood bathroom vanity
Style: Northbrook - Wood/Material: Birch - Color/Finish: Driftwood

Natural Wood Vanity

When thinking of a natural wood vanity, many picture the look of a light stained wood. Common woods for the natural look include birch, oak, alder, or cherry with a light or natural colored stain. The stain protects the finish while allowing the natural beauty of the wood and grain to shine through, creating an organic element that can be a focal point of the room.

Modern Wood Bathroom Vanity

To take your bathroom in a modern direction choose a wood bathroom vanity in a natural shade and pair it with light colored accessories, modern hardware, and organic textures. Modern organic design pairs wood grains with white solid surface counters and tiles along with matte black fixtures and accents of greenery. Modern design often includes natural textures and colorful art against a neutral background.

Modern wood bathroom vanity
Photo credit: @freshcoatofpaint_ |

Accents like modern style light fixtures and modern hardware can take your design to the next level. When juxtaposed with the organic texture of a light wood bathroom vanity with minimal lines and contemporary design, these modern finishes can really stand out. Consider pairing these elements with a clean white counter so the modern metallic fixture or faucet can make a larger impact.

Organic Style

Organic style emphasizes natural textures, real materials, and earthy color palettes resulting in a style that embraces natural light, organic elements, and a connection to nature. Organic style is the number one choice for homeowners according to the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) 2022 Design Trends Report. This report emphasizes “the growing popularity of natural colors would bring warmer tones into the bathroom, including soft blue-based grays, pale blues and greens, as well as the darker blues.”

The return of natural wood in interior design means neutral spaces will veer warmer overall. Natural wood and materials add warm tones to your home, which are heavily associated with feelings of comfort, security and coziness. Natural wood is also one of the highest quality building materials out there, making the stain and spill-hiding qualities of stained and varnished wood hard to beat.

Driftwood vanity with light colored countertop
Photo credit: Winsome Interior Design

This light and bright bathroom by Winsome Interior Design features Bertch’s Alden door style in oak with a Driftwood finish. The chrome wall-mounted faucet adds a touch of modernity without overpowering the style, letting the natural wood remain the main focus of the room.

Light vanity in birch wood with calming wall color
Photo credit: Designs By Alex

This lovely bathroom incorporates the brushed bronze fixtures next to trendy vintage-look pill mirrors and modern cabinet hardware. Featuring the Osage door style in birch with the Driftwood stain, this room incorporates vintage touches, a light and bright counter with modern square sinks and a dreamy calming paint color on the walls.

Modern design with light wood vanity
Photo credit: Monika Ross Design

This modern design took the Driftwood finish in a different direction by utilizing hickory wood for a unique wood grain. Featuring the Portland door style, this design by Monika Ross Design brings bold personality to the light wood vanity trend using a custom countertop and varied cabinet configuration. The eye-catching tile backsplash and bright accents contribute to the room’s unique details.

Take advantage of popular trends in bathroom design by working with one of our experienced designers. Visit a Bertch Dealer to browse options to recreate this look.


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