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Modern Bathroom Design: Explore the Latest Trends

POSTED ON Monday, January 16, 2023 IN Bathroom

From spa-like inspiration to funky retro vibes, we have the low-down on all the hottest trends to keep your eye on in the coming year.

Modern bathroom trends range in style from fun and eclectic to spa-inspired luxury to dark and moody gothic aesthetics. The upcoming and growing trends are as diverse and expansive as  modern homeowners’ taste and design style.

Modern Bathroom Design

Modern design core principles include simplicity, minimalism, and practicality. Today’s trends follow those principles including eye-catching designs that marry practicality with striking visual appeal. Modern bathroom designs typically embrace sleek lines and less detail for a simple and clean look.

Top 5 Modern Bathroom Trends

Trends come and go, but here are five key trends we are watching closely this year.

1 - Adding Texture to Bathroom Design

Stone and wood natural surfaces have been trending in the last few years. Organic style has a way of bringing a modern touch through earth tones and natural stone or wood finishes.


Texture can be added to a room in a myriad of ways. One of the biggest trends we’re keeping an eye on is applied molding . Applied molding  can bring texture into a room and draw the eye as a way to add visual interest without taking up physical space in a room that might be limited in that department.

Applied moldings on bathroom vanity

Raw textures and natural materials like live edge wood, Zellige tile, and intricate wall paneling all add interest and visual distinction. While soft textiles are not traditionally thought of as part of bathrooms, they are seeing a surge in the form of light, airy curtains, soft upholstered accent chairs and vintage-inspired accent towels with varying textures.

Bathroom texture with live wood vanity top and pebble wall

2 - Luxury Bathroom Vibe

Luxury home design has been on our radar and we’re seeing it play out in the bathroom space with luxury finishes, statement lighting, and high-end fixtures. One particularly impactful way to bring luxury to your bathroom is in the details with curves — think curved custom showers, curvy mirrors, and curvy tile installations. Clean, straight lines of the past few years are giving way to a softened look.

Frameless shower installations enhance the luxury feel of a bathroom. The frameless look increases the visual space of the room and gives an opportunity to show off luxury tile in a shower. If you like this look, walk-in showers without doors are considered a high-end bathroom feature. If room allows, many luxury bathrooms also include freestanding statement tubs with a modern or vintage feel as seen in the image above.

3 - Dark Moody Bathroom Finishes

Black modern vanity

Moody design is something we’ve seen grow in popularity for kitchens, with its black accents, saturated colors, and deep contrasts. Popular features of moody bathroom design can include check tile floors, dark cabinet finishes, and statement sinks. Anthracite is a material gaining favor with homeowners and designers looking to create a moody or gothic bathroom aesthetic. 

Shown above, the Riverside style vanity in Birch wood with a black finish gets its modern flair with its contrasting white counters, statement sink, and hexagon tile.

4 - Home Spa Bathrooms

Sullivan Midnight Matte

The key to a spa-like bathroom is creating a relaxing, inviting environment. Think neutral colors, nature-inspired finishes and luxe textiles. Turn a bathroom into a sanctuary by incorporating plants into your design and decor. Doorless showers with walk-in layout, high-end toiletries and lush bath towels can all make your bathroom feel like a spa.

Shown above, the Sullivan vanity style vanity in Midnight Matte finish gets its modern flair with its contrasting white counters, and large hexagon tile.

Designers are creating spa-like bathrooms around the idea of an aesthetic shower routine. Storage is an important part of creating this feel, making a space clutter free and calming — especially when shower essentials are visible from anywhere with clear glass or open showers. Make the most of your bathroom organization and only display products that contribute to your overall bathroom experience for a spa retreat look and feel.

5 - Fun Retro Vibes

One unexpected but whimsical trend we’re seeing is the growing popularity of pinks and greens in the bathroom space. Sherbet hues are being integrated into designs mixing shades of pink from Terracotta and peach-tinged white to dusky pink. Also growing in popularity are muted greens as seen below in this throwback wall covering  paired with a frameless Riverside vanity set atop a custom base with tapered legs. 

Retro bathroom wallpaper

Green and pink may remind you of the bathrooms throughout history, as the color combination was extremely popular in the 1950s. Considered a dated look up until fairly recently, this color combo is coming back into vogue, albeit with a softer spin. Done right, pink and green can give a fun yet sophisticated look to a modern bathroom.

Northbrook SageImage credit: Stephanie Wiott Designs  |  @stephaniewiottdesigns

Homeowners are integrating fun, retro vibes through not only wall and vanity color choices, but also through the use of bold tile patterns. Busy, vintage-look tile is often juxtaposed with colorful choices elsewhere in the room. Graphic lines, 3D monochrome patterns, and pastel colors add to the post-modern ambiance.

Not ready to commit to the full retro vibe? Consider utilizing wall color to bring soft shades of pastel into an otherwise contemporary space. In the image below a soft pink brings a feminine touch to the Interlude freestanding vanities in Loft gray. The freestanding tub adds a resort-style feel and the chandelier adds to the ambiance.
Pink tones in a modern bathroom

Whether you’re interested in learning about the new trends or consider yourself an avid traditionalist, our design teams can help bring your vision to life. Visit a Bertch Dealer to browse color combinations and vanity styles with one of our experienced designers.


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