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Modern Vanity Tops for Your Bathroom Remodel

POSTED ON Tuesday, September 3, 2019 IN Bathroom

Know your options when shopping for a bathroom vanity top

No bathroom remodel is complete without a new vanity, and part of that is choosing a vanity top. Shopping for a vanity top can be quite an undertaking for more than a few homeowners. You’ll have to find a countertop that complements your bathroom design, holds up to moisture and other elements, and allows you to clean and maintain your sink and vanity with relative ease.

If you have decided upon a modern design for your bathroom space, then half the battle has already been fought. Modern style, which can be traced back to the mid-century modern designs of the 1950s and 60s, embraces a minimalistic aesthetic, clean lines, and an open feel.

Fortunately, there are several different vanity top materials available that can fit a modern aesthetic.

Faux granite vanity countertops

Granite has long maintained a spot atop the list of most popular bathroom countertop materials, and is commonly associated with modern bathrooms. Whereas contemporary bathrooms incorporate more glass and metals, stone materials like granite and faux granite are an ideal countertop material for modern bathrooms that embrace wood and earthier elements.

But granite countertops have their fair share of drawbacks. Granite is not the most budget-friendly countertop material, often placing it outside the price range of more conservative homeowners. Granite countertops are susceptible to cracks or chips if struck by a sharp or hard object. They are also a very common material for countertops today, which can hurt their appeal if you are looking to create a more unique space that stands apart. Granite is also largely imported, which makes it susceptible to shipping delays.

faux granite detail

Faux granite is an affordable alternative that offers a unique look at a price that might be more in line with your budget. Faux granite countertops are built to last and require minimal maintenance and care

Most importantly, faux granite countertops offer you multiple color choices. Natural granite is beautiful and distinct, but you never know what you’re getting, because of the variation in the natural material. Faux granite gives you consistent results, time after time.

Cultured marble vanity countertops

Close behind granite countertops, in terms of popularity, are marble countertops. Like granite, marble is another material that possesses a natural appearance. Granite tends to be darker and busier, whereas marble is thought to be smoother or even spa-like.

But because of the porous quality of natural materials, marble more readily absorbs liquids, allowing spills to penetrate further into the surface for hard-to-remove stains. Marble countertops are high-maintenance, requiring regular care to keep the surface clean and free from damage. Marble can also be vulnerable to scratches due to its soft nature.

cultured marble

Cultured marble is a blend of and resins, combined with pigments to produce a wide range of colors and patterns. It is cast in molds, meaning there are numerous options available to homeowners in terms of size, shape, and edge treatments. Cultured marble is also non-porous, making it easy to clean and eliminating the need for frequent sealing.

It represents an economical alternative to marble, replicating the character and depth of its natural counterpart, but providing it at a lower cost because it is less expensive to fabricate. Like faux granite, cultured marble is also customizable, offering a range of color options and shapes to fit whatever your bathroom remodel requires.

Homeowners who opt for cultured marble countertops as part of their bathroom remodel typically appreciate the style and elegance that they bring to the space. Marble has become synonymous with luxury, but the classic look is suited to nearly any bathroom aesthetic, although it has become a popular choice for more modern spaces.

Assembling the parts of a modern bathroom

What exactly is a modern aesthetic for a bathroom? It starts with color, or in some cases lack thereof. Modern bathrooms are typically clean and white, with a spa-like feel — an ideal setting for a cultured marble vanity top. You’ll frequently see white cabinets paired with a platinum white marble vanity top, unless the homeowner opts for a contrasting vanity. It could be a dark laminate vanity that provides something a little extra in a bathroom where everything else is white.

modern vanity

Beyond the use of the color white, modern bathrooms embrace sleek lines and less detail for a simple and clean look. This can be achieved not only through your choice of vanity top, but also in the type of sink you choose to have installed as part of your remodel.

Vessel sinks are a good example of a modern style sink, with a variety of different design options for the vessel itself. Take the opportunity to tap into your creativity and choose between a porcelain china bowl or blown art glass. But while a vessel sink provides a striking look, it is also important to consider your needs. Vanities with vessel sinks don’t always offer ample counter space, which can be an issue if you have accessories that require more space.

modern bathroom

Bathroom vanities with partially recessed sinks are also a modern staple. Full bowl sinks have been around for years, but today’s homeowners are trending towards semi-recessed sinks, with a portion of the sink resting above the countertop. It can add a touch of panache to your bathroom, in addition to providing greater basin stability.

There are enough similarities between each of the vanity top materials that you can really only make an informed decision once you have seen them for yourself. To see the differences up close and in person, visit our nearest showroom.


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