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Our Favorite Bathroom Vanities

POSTED ON Friday, November 12, 2021 IN Bathroom

Showcasing our favorite Bathroom Vanities of 2021

Our Favorite Bathroom Vanities

These days, modern bath vanity selections have expanded to include something for everybody’s style. From ultra-modern floating vanities to antique white furniture style vanities, the consumer has never had a larger amount of options. In this article we’re going to explore a few of our favorite bathroom vanities, to give you some inspiration for your next home improvement project.

An Exquisite Bathroom Design by 929.

Exquisite Design by 929

This modern bathroom was designed by Monica Boeckenstedt, the sole owner and operator of 929 Design, Inc. Created by Monica by utilizing our Kitchen+ offerings, this bathroom offers a built-in elegance with endless storage options. The setup included a custom color finish, a double sink for easy sharing with partners or family members, a massive countertop for extra workspace, and wall cabinets on the counter for easy access to storage. Flyover lights were placed above the mirrors for best possible lighting, and toe kick lighting was added to create the ultra modern aesthetic Monica’s client was looking to achieve. 

What we love about it

We love what designer Monica Boeckenstedt achieved by using a monochromatic color palette to create a modern, soothing space with just a few fun pops of color. The continuous line of cabinets provides multitudes of storage and several functional workspaces while the lighting provides a touch of glamour.

Modern Yet Traditional Bathroom Vanity

A Modern Bathroom with Traditional Finishes 

This bathroom embodies the modern aesthetic, while also retaining a bit of rustic woodwork for an eye-catching contrast between the two styles. The Northbrook cabinets have a driftwood stain, making them stand out from the stark whites of the walls and bathtub, giving the whole room a vacation beach-side vibe. The vanity features a double bowl so the space can be easily shared, sleek floating shelves offer more storage space, a middle drawer stack was added to hold toiletries, and butt doors allow the homeowner more standing space, while making it easier to store large objects.

What we love about it

We love the juxtaposition of cool whites and grays against the earthy feel of the natural wood vanity. The drawer stacks and upper butt cabinet doors provide plenty of storage while keeping lines clean and clutter hidden.

Rich Blue Eye-Catching Bathroom Vanity

Coastal Casual Old World Elegance

This next piece comes from Anna Spaller at Chasing Paper. The color choice here is nothing short of superb, with the rich cobalt blues perfectly complementing the bright whites. The clean-lined Osage doors give plenty of space for organizing toiletries, while the golden accents on the sink taps and around the border of the mirror add a sense of luxury not often found in a bathroom.

How to create the perfect bathroom vanity for your space

When designing a bathroom, look to your personal style and preferences first. Do you prefer modern and clean-lined? Warm and inviting? Coastal or quirky? Once you nail down your desired style, the options to achieve your look are endless. If you need help navigating all the different options available to you, visit a Bertch showroom and speak with a designer for ideas and inspiration. Look through photos to find what speaks to your style.  To check out the rest of our selection of bathroom vanities and bath cabinets for yourself, visit our inspiration section for more ideas on how to customize your space. If you do find a piece you’re interested in but have additional questions, don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


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