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Our Favorite Bathroom Vanities

POSTED ON Thursday, June 22, 2023 IN Bathroom

Design styles are varied, but we have a few faves.

With so many beautiful design styles to choose from, it’s hard to narrow down the best bathroom vanity for your home, personal taste, and budget. Over the years we have seen some pretty great designs using Bertch bathroom vanities, but here are just a few of the most recent examples of our favorite designs.

Light Wood Bathroom Vanity in Driftwood

Light Wood Bathroom Vanities

Image Credit: Caleigh Silver @studio41_showroom Highland Park
Door style: Alden
Wood: Oak

Finish: Driftwood

Natural wood is a classic finish, but designers have been evolving the look over the years. Today’s light wood bath vanities pair clean lines and light color counters with dark matte hardware to create a look that transcends modern to become timeless.

This incredible space by @freshcoatofpaint_ pairs textured tiles, clean design, and the enduring look of white marble in a master bathroom renovation that will be enjoyed by homeowners for years to come. Designs incorporating natural materials such as stone, wood, and bamboo result in a sense of organic elegance.

A natural wood bathroom vanity is a smart choice for versatile design aesthetics.

Mixed Finishes in a Bathroom

Mixing Finishes

Door style: Osage
Wood: Walnut and Birch
Finish: Driftwood and Cobalt

If you can’t decide between wood and solid color, use both! This combination provides a transitional design approach with a clean look and wide appeal. Mixing wood finishes with solid color cabinets in a bathroom can create a harmonious and visually striking design. By combining different wood tones and textures with a solid color cabinet, you can add depth, warmth, and character to the space. 

The contrasting elements provide a balanced aesthetic, allowing the wood finishes to add a natural and organic touch, while the solid color cabinets offer a sleek and modern look. This blending of styles can result in a bathroom that feels both inviting and contemporary, showcasing the beauty of both materials and creating a unique and personalized atmosphere.

Bold Walls in Bathroom

Bold Walls

Image Credit: @ahi.homedesigncenter 
Door style: Alden
Wood: Birch
Finish: White

This beautiful bathroom uses bold wallpaper to transform the space into a captivating and vibrant oasis. By selecting a striking pattern or design, the walls become a focal point, injecting personality and energy into the room. Bold walls add drama and visual interest, instantly elevating the overall aesthetic of the bathroom. These homeowners designed the bathroom to have neutral finishes on the vanity, adjacent walls, and floor tile, and kept the cabinetry simple and bright with legs giving height and space beneath. The focus wall infuses personal style into the space and creates a memorable and immersive experience.

Dark moody Bathroom Cabinets

Dark and Moody Design

Image Credit: @thekitchenandbathcompany

Door style: OsageX (frameless)
Wood: Birch
Finish: Solid Black (matte)

This gorgeous space from The Kitchen and Bath Company integrates dark and moody design components, which creates a captivating and modern aesthetic. By embracing deep, rich tones like charcoal gray, navy blue, or even black, the space exudes a sense of sophistication and drama. Incorporating elements such as dark-colored tiles, matte finishes, and sleek fixtures adds to the contemporary vibe. Additionally, strategic lighting choices can enhance the atmosphere, casting a warm and intimate glow. When balanced with contrasting elements such as light-colored countertops, mirrors, or pops of metallic accents, the dark and moody design creates a striking juxtaposition, resulting in a bathroom that exudes a luxurious and edgy ambiance, perfect for those seeking a modern and stylish retreat.

Luxury Spa Look Bathroom

Luxury Spa Look

Image Credit: @milieu_interiordesign

Door Style: Alden
Wood: Birch
Finish: River Rock

This gorgeous Driftwood vanity color gives high-end sophistication to this luxury space. Pairing the wood color with brushed gold hardware provides the perfect complement for the marble wall tile, pulling together the palette with just a few elegantly selected colors.

The white marble countertop complements the dark vanity beautifully, offering a stunning contrast and a timeless appeal. The combination of the wood and white marble creates a harmonious balance between traditional and contemporary aesthetics, resulting in a bathroom that feels both classic and refined.

Graphite Bath Cabinets

Image credit: @patterson_construction_design

Door Style: Alden
Wood: Birch
Finish: Graphite

Gray cabinets are extremely popular and this example in a graphite finish shows no shortage of storage space! This high-end bathroom features modern lighted round mirrors, a huge double vanity with extra prep space on the right and a massive walk-in shower.

Not sure where to start? Stop by a showroom to browse the latest styles and trends and find the perfect fit for your bathroom.


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