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Reflect Your Style by Adding a Mirror

POSTED ON Wednesday, February 5, 2020 IN Bathroom

The mirrors in your home can serve more than a practical purpose

Most people will look in a mirror at least once a day. From picking out an outfit in the morning to brushing your teeth before bed, mirrors are an often overlooked part of daily life. But their use does not have to be limited to practical purposes. Mirrors can also be a decorative element of your home, with styles and designs tailored to nearly every room in your house.

But it can be difficult to choose a style or design, even if you know where you wish to hang the mirror. Conversely, you may have a style or design you like, but aren’t confident in where to place it in your home. There are more decisions to make than you might anticipate, but we can help you get a better sense of where the mirrors in your home belong.

Know where to hang your decorative mirrors

There is no shortage of places around your home to add a mirror. Consider the living room, the hallway, the bedroom, and even along the stairway. But no matter where you decide to place them, the keys to effectively incorporating mirrors into your home are positioning and knowing how to mix and match if you are going to use several mirrors.

The living room, for example, is a large enough space that it can accommodate mirrors of varying shapes and sizes. But you need to ensure that the mirrors are complementing each other, rather than competing with each other. With this in mind, try to group them together on a single wall and allow them to collectively become the focal point of the room. You should also settle on a specific theme or style for the frames for each mirror.

Placement in relation to your windows and light fixtures is also important. You want each mirror to properly capture any light, whether it is natural or artificial. Aim to have your mirrors directly opposite any windows in the room, enabling them to reflect more light. Overhead or wall light fixtures directed toward the mirrors will create a similar effect.

Custom framed mirrors can enhance a space

If you are looking to add style and sophistication to a room in your home, consider custom framed mirrors. Like any mirror, framed mirrors can reflect light, brighten a space, and add a sense of depth, but the frame is ultimately what sets them apart. It is the decorative element of the mirror, and that represents an opportunity for you to express yourself.

You can opt for a classic or subtle choice, but feel empowered to go bold with a finish or design that is more unconventional or exotic. It can be as simple as a crown top above a mirror with a traditional frame or the more modern and dramatic statement that a round mirror with a square frame can offer. You’ll certainly need to consider the effect it will have on the decor around it, but make it a great decorative accent and, most importantly, make it your own.

round mirror with wood

Frames also serve to hold the weight of mirror glass well, keeping it in balance and proportion. But don’t feel obligated to hang the mirror at all, either. Homeowners with a more modern sense of style have placed a large mirror on the floor and leaned it against the wall. If not on the floor, you might even place it on a shelf or a mantel. The choice is yours!

Match rectangular mirrors to the shape of the room

Rectangular mirrors are among the most common types of home decor. One of the reasons for that is their compatibility with rectangular spaces, and the rule of thumb is to use longer mirrors in longer rooms. That is not to say rectangular mirrors have no place in squarer spaces, but they tend to be the most effective solution for long and somewhat enclosed rooms with few or no windows. Rectangular mirrors can help make their spaces feel more open.

Not only do rectangular mirrors enlarge spaces, but they are versatile as well. Whether you position them horizontally or vertically can have a dramatic effect on the shape and appearance of the rest of the space. Long hallways, for example, can look and feel more spacious with a mirror that helps reflect the light. The versatility extends to the styles of decor that rectangular mirrors can complement, from modern to contemporary to even antique or vintage.

One of the more popular uses of the rectangular mirror is as a full-length mirror. They can be hung on the wall, the bedroom door, a closet door, or even inside the closet, although the latter placement would serve more of a practical purpose than an aesthetic one.

full length mirror

Circular mirrors top the list of bathroom mirror ideas

Bathrooms are the most obvious place in your home to put a mirror. You’ll very rarely find a bathroom without one. Frequently placed over the sink, bathroom mirrors fulfill a variety of needs throughout the day, but let’s focus more on style than function at the moment.

Circular mirrors are a top trend for bathrooms. Placed above your vanity, circular mirrors can help soften the design of your bathroom, providing contrast to the hard lines of the space. They don’t have to be intricate in their design, either. In fact, the subtlety and minimalism of a modern bathroom mirror that is big and circular can have a dramatic impact on the space around it.

Framed and unframed mirrors are both popular choices for bathrooms for different reasons. Unframed bathroom mirrors create a seamless transition with the countertop and have a harmonizing effect on the space, reflecting the other elements of the room. Framed mirrors offer more of a decorative touch, and are best used when they will be serving as the focal point of the bathroom. Frames range from simple forms with clean lines to large and ornate designs.

northbrook graphite

If you have the space, consider installing a wall-hanging mirror with an adjustable arm directly across from the mirror on the sink wall. You’ll be able to look at the back of your head, eliminating the need for a hand-held mirror. Hanging another framed mirror over near the bathtub can also help to create the illusion of a larger bath.

There are so many mirrors to choose from, but you may not know exactly what you want until you can admire them up close and in person. Visit our nearest showroom and we’ll help you find the mirrors that can enhance any space in your home.


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