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Tips & Tricks for Remodeling a Small Bathroom

POSTED ON Monday, May 2, 2022 IN Bathroom

Homeowners often imagine that remodeling a small bathroom—one that is about 50 square feet or less—will be much quicker, much easier, and much less expensive than remodeling a large bathroom.

Homeowners are often surprised at the effort and expense that small bathroom remodels require. A small bathroom (less than 50 square feet) can be a good focus for a remodel. Keep in mind that space, storage, and design considerations are unique to the smaller area. Read on for our top recommendations for remodeling a small bathroom.

Small Bathroom Remodel

Interlude Oak Shale

Remodeling a small bathroom really starts with your plan. Some small bathroom designs include a shower and can be considered a ¾ bathroom. If the room only includes a stool and sink it could be considered a ½ bath, also commonly referred to as a powder room. 

Plan your remodel by deciding which elements of the bathroom you’ll change. Consider flooring, fixtures, lighting, plumbing and electrical needs. Remodels do not always require complete change. For instance, if your current stool functions and looks fine, you may not replace it when remodeling. 

When computing your budget, allow 20% for unexpected overages, cost increases, or surprise fixes uncovered during your tear-out. Your budget will help set priorities for your remodel plan. 

Powder Room Remodel

Often a powder room or ½ bath is considered simply a stool and sink. When adding or remodeling a powder room, there may be fewer fixture and furniture decisions, however, the design becomes even more important when working in such a limited space.

Designers sometimes choose to go bold in a powder room, integrating maximalist wallpaper designs, bright wall or accent colors, or daring fixtures. A powder room can also be the picture of simplicity with a traditional look and standard pedestal sink. Whichever design aesthetic speaks to you, be sure to think through the functionality of the space, clearance for doors and cabinets, and storage space required for extra toiletries, towels, or other essentials.

Three-Quarter Bath Remodel

A small bathroom with a shower but no tub is often referred to as a ¾ bath. Small bathroom designs with a shower can be a bit more difficult than a powder room because there are additional plumbing, storage, and ventilation needs to consider. A stand-up single stall shower is a good option for a small bathroom remodel. 

This design is becoming more popular as new home builds often integrate multiple bathrooms within the home and homeowners opt to forgo a traditional tub for a more often used shower. When remodeling a ¾ bath, consider the needs of family members who use the room often. Would you like to incorporate a tub for relaxation or resale value? Will a shower suffice your needs and give you extra space for additional storage or a second sink? Similar to a ½ bath remodel, you’ll want to consider storage and organization space for your bathroom along with the bathing, showering, and other daily needs of yourself and your family.

Tips and Tricks for Your Small Bath Remodel

Floating Vanity with modern styleLook for opportunities to recess storage. Adding between-the-studs recessed cabinets or built-in storage can maximize the visual space.

  • When working with a small space, color and style have a big impact. Consider light bright colors to make a small space feel larger.
  • Vertical storage is a great option for maximizing your small space. Look for opportunities to hang items on the wall to free up floor space. Think hooks, shelves, and wall cabinets.
  • Don’t discount lighting. Natural light from a window can visually open a space but if natural light isn’t an option look for lighting fixtures that can add light from different angles. Bright LED bulbs can make an impact.

Take the time to think through where your doors and drawers will open. In a small space, you don’t want to be bumping into a shower door or extended drawer. Open storage can help ease these concerns.

Small Bathroom Vanities

Northbrook white vanityOne of the main features of any bath – full or partial – is the vanity. When shopping for a vanity for a small bathroom remodel, keep in mind storage and space as well as style. Vanity options for a small space can include:

  • Floating vanities - a floating or wall-mounted vanity can increase the amount of visual space in a small room. By leaving floorspace visible, the illusion of depth is created. A wall-mounted vanity can be made to fit almost any style, but closely aligns with modern design aesthetics.
  • Light colors - a vanity in white or light blonde can complement a light airy color scheme, giving a visual brightness and increasing the perceived space within a small room.
  • Open storage - the European style vanity with open storage space is becoming a popular option for small bathrooms. This style can increase visual space similar to a floating vanity but offers flexible storage options.
  • Double sinks - if you’re limited on space you may think that having a double sink is outside of your reach, however our custom size options allow for two sinks in a minimum space of 55 inches.

We specialize in diverse styles, sizes, and finishes. With almost any height and depth option available, we can be sure to find something that works for your small space bathroom remodel. If you feel overwhelmed or want help planning, visit a Bertch Dealer to talk through options with one of our experienced designers.


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