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Ultimate Guide to Bathroom Remodels

POSTED ON Monday, January 28, 2019 IN Bathroom

What to consider when redesigning your bathroom

Ready to update your bathroom? The first step is admitting that your bathroom needs a new look. The next step is figuring out exactly what a bathroom remodel will entail. There is a lot to consider, from the style of bathroom and the type of vanity to the materials for your countertops and the style of shower or bathtub that best suits your style and needs.

Bertch has the styles, colors, materials, and products necessary to make the bathroom of your dreams, the bathroom of your real home.

Bathroom Style

No one remodels their bathroom because they want to keep it the same. Renovations are about renewal, and updating your bathroom to suit your needs. Perhaps you need to add an extra sink in your bathroom or maybe you are downsizing for some reason. Whatever the motivation, a remodel means injecting new life into a space so that it will reflect your personal style.

Modern style bathrooms generally consist of clean lines, neutral or basic colors, very few decorative flourishes, and natural materials. Think of a color scheme that is predominantly white with neutral gray for contrast to go along with a natural stone backsplash. It is simple and even allows for subtle flourishes of color in your minimal decorations to add a touch of warmth.

Contemporary style -- not to be confused with modern -- is clean and fresh, with an emphasis on creating a space that is warm and welcoming. The vanity, cabinets, and fixtures are all typically minimalistic. Feel free to experiment with a blend of bold and neutral colors, like for example a black and white base with splashes of yellow or green.

Contemporary Flat Panel Bath Vanity

If you are looking to achieve a more unique look and feel with your bathroom redesign, modern rustic is a popular choice. It is a style most often associated with neutral colors, natural textures, and fabrics or textiles like linen, cowhide, or jute. It offers a blend of rustic charm and modern touches that will bring a distinctive look and feel to your redesigned bathroom.

Cabinet Updates or Replacement

Everyone needs storage in their bathroom, and that often means cabinets, which can take up space and even stand out because they don’t fit with the aesthetic of the design.

But that doesn’t always have to be the case.

If placement is the problem, get creative. Make the most of your space by taking advantage of floating shelves and concealed drawers in linen or base cabinets.

As far as types of cabinets, you have plenty of styles from which to choose. Simple but stylish are flat style cabinets constructed from wood, ideal for modern, contemporary and industrial designs. Flat front cabinets are also easier to clean. Inset style cabinets are a more distinctive option, requiring a greater level of craftsmanship. But the drawers are all measured and cut with precision to fit within their openings and blend in seamlessly inside the frame.

One of the most popular trends in bathroom design today is cabinetry that resembles furniture. Think of apothecary cabinets and dresser vanities if there are open shelves where toiletries and other attractive items, even brightly colored towels, can be displayed.

Floating Shelves Add Touch of Charm

Bathroom Cabinet Specs & Sizes

No matter if you are working with a small or large bathroom for your home, every homeowner wants to make the most of the space available to them.

If space is limited, start by considering a 30-inch bathroom vanity, which would include a single sink and a combination of either two doors or a larger door with a stack of drawers positioned either on the left or right side of the door. For extra width to allow for more countertop space, a 36-inch is the next step up. Conversely, a 30- or 36-inch vanity could also work in a larger bathroom for a more open and spacious feel, or consider combining two vanities to give each person their own space separated by a hamper or linen cabinet.

For a master bathroom that will be expected to provide for multiple people, a 48-inch vanity is typically the standard size, consisting of two center doors and four or six drawers. This provides enough space for a single basin but a wider faucet and enough counter and storage space to accommodate the various people who will be using it.

A 60-inch bathroom vanity is generally where homeowners are able to get more creative, with space for a mix of single or double sinks, depending on your preferences. It is a more versatile option that allows you to customize the space to best suit your needs.

The high end in terms of size is typically anywhere between 60- and 72-inches for a bathroom vanity, but vanities of different sizes can be added together to create larger spaces depending on the space you have. These large designs are best for high-traffic bathrooms and obviously spaces that can accommodate the larger dimensions, especially in terms of depth.

Bathroom Cabinet Hardware

It can be easy to neglect the details when it comes to renovating your bathroom. But bath fixtures and handles can be the small touches that put your new design over the top.

More homeowners are gravitating towards clean and simple designs and choosing fixtures that will enhance functionality, but in a minimalist way. In terms of style, you can match your hardware across the board or go with a more eclectic mixture. Positioning of hardware on the cabinet doors should also be considered — side, middle, or top, depending on your personal preference.

Brushed nickel is the most popular choice among homeowners when choosing hardware for their bathroom cabinets, with chrome a close second. More homeowners are opting for cooler tones in their bathrooms — from the colors of their vanity to the colors of the tiles on their floor — and both brushed nickel and chrome are well suited for that type of color scheme.

Brushed nickel and chrome also provide the timelessness that homeowners covet, whereas opinions differ on whether bronze and gold have the same staying power. Black is another new trend for bath faucets and hardware, which can complement almost any design style of your choice.

Vanity Tops

When remodeling your bathroom, the vanity is frequently the cornerstone of your new design, and for good reason. Updating your vanity is the quickest and easiest way to achieve a new look and feel for your bathroom, because it typically sets the tone for the entire space.

Granite countertops are a popular and practical choice for your vanity top, offering long-lasting quality that will only add more value to your home. They can be paired with traditional, contemporary and minimalist decor. Granite is a durable material, meaning your countertops would be resistant to stains and undamaged by water or heat. However, granite does require sealing periodically to avoid stains seeping into the pores.

Homeowners looking for a natural-looking stone frequently choose engineered quartz or cultured marble for their vanity countertop. It is a durable material that emulates the style and texture of natural stone. It is also a nonporous surface that requires low maintenance.


Mirrors are a bathroom essential. But even a utilitarian component of your space also provides the opportunity to add more style — and a mirror is no exception.

Today’s homeowners often find themselves debating between framed and frameless mirrors over an actual mirrored medicine cabinet. Framed mirrors are better suited to traditional bathroom designs, especially if the rest of the space is very detailed and decorative. Frameless mirrors are more of a modern choice that can be incorporated into contemporary, modern and minimalist designs.

In terms of shape, rectangular is the most traditional. But round or oval mirrors are a classic choice for a contemporary bathroom, providing a soft contrast to the sharp angles.

If you are working with a large bathroom, consider multiple mirrors. Two mirrors are perfect for a “his and hers” setup, especially when paired with a double sink vanity. But even when mounted above one long single sink vanity, double mirrors can be an elegant use of the wall space.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match mirrors, either. One mirror does not have to match the size or shape of the other. Never shy away from adding a touch of personality to your design. Unconventional shapes can make your mirror (or mirrors) into a statement piece.

Spacious Room with Matching Vanities


Gone are the days of having to choose between beautiful and practical for your bathroom, as more homeowners are finding new ways to integrate well thought out storage space into their bathrooms without having to compromise the style and decor.

You can double your storage space with risers, whether you are utilizing a medicine mirror cabinet or the open real estate in the bathroom cabinet beneath your vanity.

Open shelving and floating shelves are a growing trend — especially among homeowners who can’t afford a big renovation — and can be seamlessly integrated in both small and large bathrooms. Consider swapping our drawer fronts for baskets or containers showcased on open shelves.


The bathroom of your dreams is not complete without taking a hard look at the shower. Your remodeled shower should be clean, bright, and most importantly functional.

Open showers are a staple of modern bathrooms. Not only do they increase the size of your bathroom, but it also opens up more space and provides the added convenience of not having to worry about slipping when stepping out of the tub after a shower.

If you want both a shower and a tub, consider tying the two together, visually. Match the same materials between the two adjacent structures for a smoother and more cohesive design.

Remodeling your bathroom is all about choices — and there are certain to be plenty of them. Ultimately those choices will be based on your own personal style, but you don’t have to make those choices alone. To find out more about options and customizations for your bathroom, visit our nearest showroom to talk to a designer and see our products up close and in person.


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