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Interior Doors to Complete the Room

POSTED ON Thursday, March 28, 2019 IN Doors & Millwork

Traditional Series Door in Cherry with Toffee Finish

Understanding the role of interior doors in the aesthetic of your home

There is no question that the front door of your home can make a lasting impression on your visitors and set the tone for the rest of the house. But what happens after you’ve opened the front door and invited in your guests? Attention turns to the spaces on the inside – and interior doors are part of what defines the spaces you create within your home.

Fortunately for you, interior doors come in many different styles and configurations and can be crafted from a variety of materials. No matter the design of your home or the style of your decor, interior doors and millwork can be customized to enhance your living spaces.

Bertch has four different interior door series, each crafted from solid wood for a warm and natural look that imbues your home with a high-end aesthetic. There is a real heft and weight to their feel, which goes hand in hand with their extremely sturdy and durable composition in addition to carrying a lifetime warranty.

Don’t underestimate the wide-ranging impact that quality interior doors can have on your home. It’s all about finding the doors that are going to elevate the spaces around them.

The defining characteristics of Bertch interior doors

What sets Bertch interior doors apart? First and foremost, each door is American-made with exceptional craftsmanship and high-quality materials. You know quality when you see it, and with Bertch what you see is what you get: hand-crafted wood doors built for lasting quality.

Bertch solid wood doors are strong and sturdy, providing effective sound barriers between rooms.

Bertch does not believe in one-size-fits-all solutions, either. These interior doors can be tailored to your needs through a variety of customization options. No two homeowners are alike, and their respective homes should be unique to them. We embrace that wholeheartedly with styles and configurations that can fulfill your needs in terms of look, feel, and function.

We also pride ourselves on being able to match our doors to the existing mouldings and cabinets of your home. If you are building or remodeling, you can choose Bertch doors and matching millwork to give a polished look. Being able to coordinate with the other wood products in your home will help us help you put the finishing touches on a beautiful home with a cohesive style and design.

The four series of Bertch interior doors

Each of the four series of doors that Bertch offers share the quality craftsmanship and solid materials that are the hallmarks of our products. But each series distinguishes itself with additional customization options for style, configuration, panel profiles, and applied moulding options. This allows you to find the interior doors best suited to your home.

Craftsman Doors

Traditionally characterized by natural finishes with an emphasis on woods, Bertch’s Craftsman Series doors are known for the unique configuration of their panels. There are eight different hand-crafted configurations to choose from for this series, with variations ranging from one long vertical panel to as many as five horizontal panels stacked vertically.

Craftsman Interior Door Configurations

You’ll frequently see Craftsman Series doors with multi-piece trim for a unique sense of style and either interior transom or cased openings detailed with millwork.

Arts & Crafts style homes, with their open floor plans, natural materials, and tasteful arrangements of well-designed decor, are an ideal host for Craftsman Series doors. Modern Craftsman style bungalows, as their name would suggest, are also well suited for these interior doors, especially homes that borrow traditional design elements or favor a transitional style. The latter is a marriage of traditional and contemporary for a timeless look and feel.

Shop Craftsman Series Doors

Farmhouse Doors

Keep it simple with our Farmhouse Series. Think warm, cozy, and full of charm and character. Harkening back to a simpler time, this series of interior doors are crafted from hand-selected solid wood for strength and stability. Farmhouse doors would feel right at home alongside Shaker style furniture, board and batten walls, natural wood finishes, and painted woods.

Farmhouse doors are, naturally, the perfect fit for traditional farmhouse style homes, where the floors are often hardwood and either varnished or lightly stained for a more natural look. These types of homes have been growing in popularity in recent years, in large part due to their frequent appearance on various home improvement shows.

Farmhouse Door in Hickory with Truffle Stain

The modern farmhouse takes cues from the simplicity of the traditional farmhouse style, juxtaposing that with more modern design elements such as light color palettes that are open and airy. This also opens the door for a more industrial style with exposed brick and metal accents.

Farmhouse Door Configurations

The eight available configurations for this interior door series all offer their own unique contribution to the farmhouse aesthetic of your home. Among the most popular configurations is a diagonal center stile, with a raw wood finish to complete the look.

Shop Farmhouse Series Doors

Traditional Doors

You can’t go wrong with a classic and Bertch’s Traditional Series doors are certainly a timeless choice, but versatile enough to accommodate a number of different architectural styles. Look no further than the distinct styles and configurations that are available with this series.

The style options, in particular, enable you to choose between a more modern design and a more traditional design. Consider the cathedral or Roman arch Traditional Series door styles. With either of those, you are treading more into the territory of a traditional design, whereas the square style door is not quite modern but trends more toward a contemporary look. These doors can also be used to achieve a transitional style for homeowners with classic tastes.

Traditional Door Configurations

Traditional Series doors are well suited for Victorian, Georgian, and Colonial style homes. Victorian homes where the woodwork is more ornate and intricate stand out as a natural fit, especially if paired with a door style that features raised panel detail.

Shop Traditional Series Doors

French Doors

Our French Series doors channel natural light to create a more comfortable space in your home.

Typically reserved for more formal spaces, like your living or dining room, interior French doors can build a better flow between rooms than solid doors. The natural light that travels through the glass panels generates a visual openness between spaces while maintaining room boundaries. It’s a unique balance that few other interior doors are capable of mastering.

The French Series doors are perfect for those looking to add a dramatic touch of old-fashioned charm to the interior of their home. Hung on hinges installed on each side of the opening, these two doors swing towards one another opening from the center for an elegant entryway when placed side-by-side.

Traditional Series French Doors in Cherry with Toffee Stain

To allow for additional light or to expand on that feeling of openness, some homeowners choose to incorporate sidelights and/or transoms with their French interior doors.

French Door Configurations

The five different multi-panel configurations, available in both square and arched styles, for this series of doors are versatile enough to accommodate almost any style of home, including traditional, transitional, and modern style homes. Bertch also offers 10 different types of textured glass for additional personalization. Homeowners who favor a modern style are more likely to choose a smaller frame profile to maximize the amount of glass in the door, whereas traditional homes would be an ideal fit for French Series doors that feature decorative or stained glass inserts.

Shop French Series Doors

To find out more about our four series of interior doors and available options for customization, visit our nearest showroom to talk to a designer and see our vanities up close and in person.


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