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Sustainability Trends in Home Design and Construction

POSTED ON Thursday, November 17, 2022 IN Home

Bertch Cabinets, along with our suppliers, continue to strive for ways to continue to make the most efficient use of our resources.

Globally, people are thinking more and more about the environmental impact of their purchasing decisions. There is a greater desire to shop sustainably and invest in high quality pieces that last.  This trend  has also impacted the home design and construction industries. Increasingly, sustainability just makes good business sense. Shortages in raw materials and supply chain disruptions continue to press the construction industry and designers to put more focus on innovative, sustainable building materials.

But what makes building materials sustainable, and how are companies like Bertch incorporating sustainability into their business practices?

Sustainable Building Materials

Sustainable building materials are typically produced from environmentally-friendly, renewable resources. Sustainability can also refer to materials that reduce energy consumption or limit reliance on non-renewable energy sources.

A main aspect of sustainability is long-lasting durability, and at Bertch, we believe that good product design means, “built to last.” Lumber is a renewable resource, meaning that additional wood can be grown to replace any that is cut down to be processed. There are few products that are as timeless and durable as those made with hardwood lumber. 

Sustainable Sourcing

Sustainable Material Sourcing

A vast majority of Bertch cabinet hardwoods are sourced from forests in the United States, which are among the most productive, best-managed, and most sustainable in the world. Our eco-friendly finishing technology also minimizes emissions into the atmosphere.

In addition, sawdust from Bertch manufacturing locations has been repurposed for over 30 years to produce both heat and electricity throughout campus. Each year, we also sponsor the   planting of thousands of trees to offset our carbon footprint.

Sustainable Business Practices

Bertch is certified by KCMA’s Environmental Stewardship Program (approved by NAHB), which is designed to protect our environment and encourage our industry to manage its resources. It is Bertch’s goal to not just meet the ESP requirements, but exceed them. For example, Bertch utilizes adhesives that contain no formaldehyde, which helps create a considerably safer indoor environment.

Also, Bertch employs a Solvent Recycling Program, which allows solvents to be used over and over again as a cleaner without having to dispose of the materials. The process involves collecting paint, stain, sealer, and solvent that has been used, and placing a quantity into the recycler. Specialized equipment removes the solids from the liquids and allows us to reuse the liquids for various purposes. 

The Future of Sustainability 

In the end, making a commitment to sustainability isn’t about chasing a trend; it’s a business philosophy.  Along with our suppliers, we continue to strive for ways to  make the most efficient use of our resources. This includes investments in formaldehyde-free adhesives and optimizer technology. We also recycle paper, cardboard, magazines, plastic wrap, corner blocks, light bulbs, toner cartridges, metal, and aluminum from all our facilities,  keeping over 5 tons of material out of landfills each year. 

As the sustainability movement continues, we’ll keep quietly doing what we’ve always done: exploring new ways to lessen the environmental impact of our business while creating the high quality products you love. Visit a Bertch Dealer to learn more about our company, our values, and our products.


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