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Beautiful Kitchen Island Ideas

POSTED ON Thursday, February 21, 2019 IN Kitchen

Exploring kitchen island trends you can apply to your home.

The island is considered by many to be the heart of the kitchen. Referring to it as an “island” is both accurate and somewhat deceiving. It’s true the island stands alone, with no physical connection to the cabinetry and appliances that surround it. But as the heart of your kitchen, it must also work in concert with everything around it in terms of style and design.

Your island does not have to match your kitchen cabinetry, but it can be tailored to complement or contrast them, depending on your personal style. Fortunately, there is a wealth of options to choose from when it comes to your kitchen island, from small islands with no seating to large islands with comfortable seating. As we explore today’s most popular trends among homeowners, you’re certain to find a style or design that suits your needs.

One size does not fit all

Before you start diving into colors and contrasts for your island, first consider the layout of your kitchen. Making efficient use of the space is important to the flow of your kitchen. The size of your kitchen will often dictate the general functions of your island.

Islands vary in size, so be sure to determine the amount of clearance space available in your kitchen before making any decisions. You’ll want to know if there will be a comfortable amount of space between the island and the rest of your cabinets, hardware, and appliances. Ensuring an adequate amount of clearance space is also an issue of safety.

Functionality is also an important factor to consider. Consider whether you want or need an island with a sink, whether it will serve as more of an open counter space for food preparation, and how much storage space you’ll want or need in the cabinets if any.

Keep the contrast clean and simple

As far as colors and materials go, sometimes all you need to do is keep it simple.

Consider this two-toned kitchen with an island in the sun, bathed in natural light. It’s an eclectic example of a casual and contemporary kitchen where the dark Folkstone 3D Laminate material of the island cabinet doors create a clean contrast when paired with the light-colored backdrop of the kitchen cabinetry.

The subtle styling of the island cabinet doors also adds a touch of warmth to your kitchen, complementing the contrast between light and dark elements of the design.

Bertch Arcadia Folkstone Summer Breeze Kitchen Cabinets

Embrace the warmth of wood

Wood islands are especially popular among homeowners who would like to bring the instant warmth of natural textures to the space.

An island can be as simple as an antique table incorporated into the space, reclaiming something old as part of a new kitchen design. Another popular trend is to add a time-weathered chopping block to the top of the island.

Imagine a kitchen in which a wood island is paired with white cabinets and a wall of exposed brick, all working together to create an aesthetic unique to your personal style. The finished product is a distinctive look that is equal parts sleek and modern but very warm and inviting. This level of unique customization is made possible by the versatility of the wood tones.

Go bold with bright colors

Maybe a clean and simple contrast for your kitchen just isn’t your style. Don’t be afraid to go bold if the urge strikes. Choosing a bright color, such as red or orange, for your island can make for a strong contrast, especially in kitchens where the cabinetry is predominantly white.

Feel free to have fun with the seating, as well. Here, for example, blue seating and blue sea glass tile are paired with Jakarta style cabinets made from plyboo with a natural finish. Together, the contrast creates an island feel that lends a beach house vibe to your kitchen. Additionally, the multiple levels break up the large island, giving it an extra level of complexity.

Bertch Jarkata Plyboo Natural Blue Kitchen Cabinets

Creating comfort through earth tones

Earth tones are derived from nature, and are growing in popularity with homeowners looking to add an organic element to their cooking space. These colors are also warm, comforting, and timeless, making them an ideal fit for today’s contemporary kitchens.

When choosing from the earth tone color wheel, consider a refreshing shade of orange for your kitchen cabinets. It’s a bold color that exudes a positive and upbeat attitude. And Remember, this is a space where you’ll be spending a considerable amount of time, so how it looks will affect how you feel. Complementing the orange with a light or cream color for the cabinets of your kitchen island will create a distinctive, eye-catching contrast.

Using color to add depth to your kitchen

Not everyone has the luxury of a spacious kitchen. Sometimes you have to get creative to create the appearance of more space, and your choice of colors can help achieve that illusion.

Take, for example, the contrasting colors seen in this kitchen, which has been furnished with birch upper cabinets with a shale finish and lower cabinets that are white Nordic - 3D Laminate with countertops and an island that are polished granite. The combination of gray and white colors can add a little more depth to any space. Gray, in particular, has a way of grounding the other elements and appliances in your kitchen.

Bertch Shale Nordic Quincy Lakeside Cabinets

To find the perfect cabinets to complement or contrast your kitchen island, visit our nearest showroom to talk to a designer and see our cabinets up close and in person.


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