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Kitchen and Bath Trends: The Color Sage

POSTED ON Tuesday, August 2, 2022 IN Kitchen

The color sage green produces a calming, organic aesthetic. Quickly becoming a new neutral, sage is being incorporated into kitchen and bath designs for 2022.

Photo credit: Julia Robinson Photo
Photo credit: Julia Robinson Photo

Sage green is a hot trend in home design. Overall the theme of major color trend analysts is nature-inspired, with all three of the major color experts choosing a form of sage green as their 2022 color of the year. Whether you’re looking to integrate this trend in your kitchen, bathroom, or wall colors, the color sage has natural vibes that complement organic style and inspires a calming overall aesthetic.

The color sage is a cooler shade of green with gray undertones. The muted cool tones make sage a versatile color that easily creates a relaxed home vibe. Sage is subtle enough to be neutral, but prominent enough to set the mood in any space.

"Sage is a lighter, more muted shade of green, so it creates a calming effect in just about any space in the home," says Sue Wadden, director of color marketing at Sherwin-Williams. "It also has such strong ties to the greenery and nature that surrounds our home, so it really helps bring the outdoors in and make a space feel more grounded." - Better Homes and Gardens

Shades of Green

Get the Look

The color family of sage can include many shades of nature-inspired green and getting the look of sage with Bertch Cabinets can take you lighter or darker depending on your unique preferences. To get the look, consider (see above, left to right)  Sage, Pistachio, Olive, and Grove. Another great color is the new Spruce which is a bit darker than a traditional sage.

modified shaker door Hutton in Grove

Sage Green in Kitchen Design

The Sage green color palette lends itself nicely to a kitchen design. In the photo above, perimeter cabinets are shown in our modified shaker door Hutton in Grove, a modern, deeper sage color with heavy gray undertones, paired with a Driftwood island giving balance and furthering the natural elements. This kitchen is light and bright while giving a modern organic feel.

Sage green kitchen cabinets bring an earthy feel to a space. Used on the perimeter cabinets as seen above grounds the space, but a sage green kitchen island with wood grain or white perimeter cabinets would bring a natural essence paired with a more traditional look. To achieve a sage green kitchen without the commitment of cabinet colors, consider sage green kitchen walls. The paint color pairs nicely with several cabinet colors including warm neutrals, light toned wood species, or bolder colors like navy or black, and is an easy starting point for other kitchen decor decisions.

Marcus style vanity in Birch with a Pistachio finish

Sage Green Bathroom Vanity

Green bathroom cabinets bring a spa like feel to an otherwise stark space. Shown above, the Marcus style vanity in Birch with a Pistachio finish lends a sense of calm to a room finished with grays and whites. The white bathroom countertop complements the white door and trim, while matte black accessories add a modern touch. Pairing some light wood tones with this color palette enhances the organic feel.

sage vanity
Photo credit: @monarchprimedesign

Sage green is the perfect color for other organic textures and colors like light wood accents, jute or natural rugs, and stark white. Matte black hardware as well as brushed gold or brass can ground the look. Pairing sage green with dark stone or slate is another popular choice to take the look from light and airy to moody. For a classic look, consider a mood board of light wood, sage green, matte black fixtures, and classic white.

Consider incorporating sage green into your next design for a natural, calming aesthetic. If you’re not sure how to start, visit a Bertch Dealer to view available colors in person and talk through options along with other popular color schemes with one of our experienced designers.


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