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Must-Have Kitchen Cabinet Accessories

POSTED ON Tuesday, January 11, 2022 IN Kitchen

Kitchen cabinet accessories help reduce clutter and clear your countertops — and your mind. Not sure where to start? Check out our list of must-have kitchen accessories.

Dreaming of an organized space? You’re not alone. According to the Mayo clinic, “when working couples gave tours of their homes, women who used more words describing clutter and disorganization also tended to show levels of the stress hormone cortisol, suggesting chronic stress.”

Clutter can make it hard to focus and accomplish tasks at hand — like cooking or cleaning up. Countertop clutter in a kitchen can also collect dust and cooking particles like grease. Not only does a clear surface help clear your mind, it can also lead to less stress, less fatigue, and a happier state of mind. To clear out clutter, design your kitchen with the things you use most in mind. Easy access to frequently used items, from knives and cutting boards to trash and recycling, make cleanup easier. Having a designated home in your kitchen makes it quicker to find the items you need, from spices to wine. When designing your kitchen, consider these popular cabinet accessories in order to create a clean, clutter-free space.

Pullout Storage

Tall pullout pantry storageA pullout pantry provides visual and physical access to goods and kitchen supplies that may otherwise be hiding in the back of a cabinet. Available in different sizes and styles, pull out shelves for kitchen cabinets can be used for pantry items, tray dividers, undersink storage, or cookware.

Integrated Spice Rack

Pullout Spice RackStoring spices can be tricky – the containers range in size and are easily toppled. Options for spice storage include pullout spice racks and under cabinet spice racks or drawers. Divided drawers, condiment drawers, and hidden drawers can also be used to contain spices, oils, and other often accessed items.

Lazy Susan Cabinet

The lazy susan is a staple in many kitchens, created with a rack or shelf on a rotating base. The bearings allow access to anything inside the cupboard with turntable shelves to help avoid items hidden deep inside corners. Lazy susans can be added to base or upper cabinets in corner spaces.

Trash and Recycling 

Hide your kitchen trash and recycling with one of three pullout options designed to keep access easy while hiding discarded items from sight. 

Integrated recycling center

Consider adding a cutting board drawer above your trash center to easily discard fruit and vegetable peels and cores. Integrating your trash and recycling has several benefits, both aesthetic and functional. Closing off trash can help reduce unpleasant odors, hide unwanted items from sight and remove clutter.

Wine Rack Cabinet Insert

Wine Wall (Style X)Wine in the kitchen can be used for cooking or entertaining. Displaying wine within a cabinet allows you to easily access different vintages and utilize wine within your decor. Wine rack inserts for kitchen cabinets come in different options. The X style (shown above) gives a modern flair and provides flexibility with bottle sizes. The more traditional lattice style wine wall combo is vineyard inspired and perfect for traditional wine-lovers – but offers less flexibility for larger bottles.

Custom Storage Accessories

When designing a new or remodeled kitchen, take the time to think through which items you use most often as well as which items tend to be left out on your kitchen counter. If you’re wanting to get rid of your countertop knife block, consider a knife block insert or hidden drawer with a cutlery tray. Tired of family members charging their devices on the kitchen counter? Integrate a charging drawer. Display beautiful dinnerware with a plate rack cabinet or hide everyday dishes in a hidden drawer with peg organizers.

The organization and storage opportunities are really endless when remodeling or building a kitchen. If you feel overwhelmed or want help planning, visit a Bertch Dealer to browse available accessories and talk through options along with popular integrations with one of our experienced designers.


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