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Some Helpful Tips for Remodeling Your Kitchen

POSTED ON Monday, June 3, 2019 IN Kitchen

6 Ideas for your kitchen makeover

Remodeling tips

People involved in real estate know that it’s still all about the kitchen. Up to date, modern kitchens are consistently the biggest factors for buyers looking for a new home. They want nice countertops and finishes, modern appliances, and beautiful tilework. The high interest in kitchens has made kitchen remodels the best way to add value to homes. Bathrooms trail in second place and everything else is far behind.

It’s not hard to understand why so much importance is placed on kitchens. They’re often the center of a home. It’s where people gather the most to chat and snack. It’s the room with the highest foot traffic, and it’s also where the most time will be spent working (cooking) and cleaning. People want kitchens they enjoy being in. Baking that apple pie and setting it on the pristine counter is simply part of the vision many people have when they picture owning a home. The right kitchen remodel will stun friends and interested buyers, but mistakes on a refurbish can spell disaster. Follow these tips on how to make your kitchen remodel one of the best.

Island dreaming

Island Dreaming

Kitchen islands are a staple in many homes. Remodels can’t go wrong with time-tested granite or quartz counter-tops on islands. The important thing when installing an island is to get the sizing correct. If it’s too big it minimizes the room and makes the entire kitchen feel crammed. Too small and it’s a wasted opportunity to utilize space. Islands are great because they provide additional cabinet space underneath. If there’s any uncertainty over whether to install an island, use a roller island for a while to see how it feels. It will give you an idea of whether it’s functionally possible.

Modern Cabinets are the Way to Go

Contemporary cabinets are sleek with clean lines. Ornate handles with thick wood and natural colors have been ditched for minimalist cabinets painted in white or gray. More recently high-gloss and even matte paints have made their way into kitchen cabinet trends. They’re most commonly paired with metal handles. Whatever the options, as long as they’re as sleek as possible, they’ll fit in great with the most recent styles. Designers are also putting in more open shelving in kitchens to open up spaces even further. It’s a great choice for smaller kitchens that could feel boxed in with shaker doors on all sides.

bold accents

Mix Bold and Neutral Colors

The white and off-white trend will continue in 2019. People are still into clean, bright looks. However, contrast is making strides into the latest kitchen remodels. People won’t be surprised to see more matte black cupboards or refrigerators popping up in design magazines or websites. Dark blue with gold finishes is also gaining some traction. The colors give off a luxury feel that balances off the lighter colors well. It’s easy to go overboard on darker colors though, so be careful. Too much dark can bring a room’s mood down.

Be Methodical About the Tech

Kitchen tech is getting a lot more attention these days. The promise of being able to order more milk from the fridge’s artificial intelligence is so close. However, being an early-adopter is a double-edged sword. On the one hand it’s nice to have all the latest and greatest tech in a kitchen. The flipside, though, is that things are developing so rapidly that purchases could soon become obsolete. No one wants a refrigerator or oven taking up a lot of space in their kitchen because of functions they no longer use. When choosing kitchen tech, take it slow and wait a while until things become more mainstream. That will avoid having to remodel again in less than five years. Go with tech improvements in things like sink faucets and a cool floor vacuum to suck up dirt. Make technology upgrades selectively so they can be something enjoyable to use each time and don’t end up as a regret.

Make Your Statements Subtle

Fancy kitchens are nice but sneaking a subtle detail in that makes a bold statement takes things to a new level. It’s never smart to go too crazy on kitchen design because one day that house will have to sell. However, adding small personal touches for flair make a home unique. It avoids a kitchen looking like it was picked out of a magazine piece by piece. The trick is to choose one or two parts of a kitchen to focus on. For instance, if a kitchen is finished with mostly silver or dark metal, add a faucet in bright gold that will stand out. Make the underside of a kitchen bar bright red. Add a small tile mosaic into a corner. Some people add bookshelves in the space between the cabinets and the ceiling. There are a lot of things that can be done to make a luxury kitchen become a one of a kind room.

Rethink Countertop Surfaces

One of the big kitchen trends in 2019 is the continued dominance of quartz countertops. People still love quartz as a higher-end option than traditional granite. They look like they belong in a five-star hotel restaurant. Quartz countertops are also super durable and resistant to stains. It’s also one of the best materials for fighting off dirt and germs. Homeowners now have more options in terms of colors and finishes with quartz, so the sky’s the limit. People enjoy stark vein patterns more these days because they make a kitchen look more creative.

There you have it, some simple tips on modern kitchen remodeling. Make it fun and give it a unique style, but always remember that kitchens have outsized influence on home values when it comes time to sell. High quality materials and finishes are the way to go with kitchen remodels, so invest the time and money now so it can be enjoyed for years to come.

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