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Warm Up Your Kitchen with New Neutrals

POSTED ON Wednesday, December 14, 2022 IN Kitchen

Want a neutral kitchen with timeless appeal without going all-white? Check out these new neutrals for inspiration.

Taupe perimeter cabinets with wood grain island and light countersAlthough an all-white kitchen will stand the test of time as having broad appeal, new color pallets are cozy and sophisticated adding a modern touch to the kitchen. As a neutral, taupe is an ideal color for generating warmth and style. Taupe can be used in both traditional and modern design, paired with white, warm wood tones, contrasting bright colors, or even other neutrals.

Taupe Kitchen Cabinets

Using taupe for your kitchen cabinets can warm up a space while still keeping a neutral look. But what exactly is taupe? Traditionally, taupe is known as a dark gray-brown color, falling on a scale from dark tan to sort of a coffee-with-cream color. This year, kitchen cabinets are pulling in a lighter shade of taupe, a lighter neutral with a warm, earthy tone. Taupe as a color tends to fall on a warmer, more brownish greige. This new neutral pairs well with other earthy tones, such as sage green, or can be used as a base color to set the scene for a dark and moody kitchen.

Get the Look

Taupe kitchen cabinets can range from fairly light to deep and rich, depending on your personal style. Variations of taupe are formed with the undertones, which can lead the color darker with purple or blue undertones, creamier with yellow undertones, or more gray. The color switches below display just a few of the options for a light taupe cabinet color.

Taupe cabinet colors from BertchColors shown (in order): Dune, Sailcloth, and Oyster Bay

How to Style Taupe Kitchen Cabinets

Taupe kitchen cabinets are incredibly versatile and easy to style. Because of the neutral tone, the color can complement almost any color scheme. Taupe cabinets with black countertops can create a modern and moody aesthetic. Two-toned cabinets create depth and dimension adding a sophisticated look. A popular way to incorporate two-toned cabinets into a kitchen is to choose one color for perimeter cabinets and another, complementary or accent color for the island. 

Taupe cabinet with dark stone countersIMAGE CREDIT: Highway Lumber Co.

Shown above, a bold black silestone pairs well with the dark Coffee Bean cabinet finish, and also sits in nice contrast with the bright but warm Dune finish. Both options alone could look great with a dark counter, but paired together could create a unique kitchen style.

Taupe cabinets with white countertops can create a modern twist on a classic look. This color palette inspires a calm, refined style that looks great when paired with vintage hardware in an antiqued finish.

Is Taupe a Good Fit for Kitchens?

Taupe is warm, earthy, and sophisticated without being overpowering. Taupe is a versatile color, and because of its varied undertones can be paired with warm or cool color combinations. The color can appear different depending on how it's styled and what colors it appears with. Taupe is a timeless color and can make a great choice for kitchens because the room style can evolve over time to match current trends without the need to repaint or replace. 

Customization with your kitchen colors can change the mood and set the vibe. If you need inspiration or assistance, visit a Bertch Dealer to browse popular color combinations with one of our experienced designers.


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