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The Only 5 Backsplash Ideas Even Worth Considering

POSTED ON Thursday, October 26, 2023 IN Kitchen

Revamp your kitchen with our top 5 backsplash ideas. From modern chic to timeless classics, discover the perfect style for your dream kitchen.

The backsplash has become an important focal point for the kitchen in recent years. While it may not always steal the spotlight, the backsplash serves as a supporting element of the overall kitchen design as a way to introduce color, texture, and pattern into a space.

When choosing a backsplash, consider material, color, and overall fit within the kitchen design of the room as a whole. Tiles in different materials and colors are one of the most popular choices. Tile materials can include ceramic tile, glass, subway tile, marble, stainless steel, and natural stone. Other considerations can include the size of your kitchen, color coordination, and overall budget.

modern backsplash ideas for the kitchen
Image Credit: stephaniewiottdesigns Shown above, this modern kitchen designed by Stephanie Wiott Designs features a seamless slab backsplash that reaches the ceiling. Cabinets shown are Quincy style in Birch/White.

1 Modern Backsplash - A Seamless Transition

One of the most compelling modern trends in kitchen design is the seamless transition from countertop to backsplash, where the countertop material elegantly extends up the wall, creating a cohesive and visually stunning look. This innovative approach not only eliminates the need for a separate backsplash but also offers a sleek, unbroken surface that exudes contemporary sophistication. 

This emerging trend is an innovative and seamless approach that’s been gaining popularity in the kitchen design industry in recent years. By harmoniously blending the countertop and wall, this design choice brings a sense of fluidity and unity to the kitchen, enhancing the overall aesthetic while making the space feel more open and spacious. Some designers are integrating a shelf placed at eye level, breaking up the visual space and offering a space to display accent pieces or everyday cookware. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, this trend also simplifies cleaning and maintenance, making it a highly practical choice for those seeking both style and convenience in their kitchen design.

Modern take on subway tile gives a beautiful look
Image Credit: clemleddy_construction This modern take on white subway tile designed by Clemleddy Construction features a matte finish, allowing the color of the cabinets and sleek high-end range to catch the eye. Cabinets featured are Quincy door style in our solid color Indigo.

2 Subway Tile - An Enduring Classic

Subway tile has maintained its enduring charm in kitchen design for decades, owing to its timeless appeal and remarkable versatility. Its simple yet classic rectangular shape, often in crisp white, seamlessly complements various design styles, from traditional to contemporary. Its ability to adapt and enhance different aesthetics makes it a popular choice among homeowners and designers alike. 

Not only does subway tile offer an elegant backdrop, but it also contributes to an illusion of added space and light, making it an ideal selection for smaller kitchens. Moreover, its cost-effectiveness doesn't compromise on quality, ensuring that this tried-and-true design element remains a smart investment for achieving a stylish and enduring kitchen backsplash.

Eye-catching backsplash ideasThis gorgeous kitchen with Edgewood Inset cabinets from our Kitchen + line features unique tiles to set the stage for a cozy vibe. The cabinets featured are in Birch wood with a Loft finish.

3. Eye-catching Unique Options

If you’re looking to add a touch of uniqueness, consider eye-catching unique backsplash materials like hand-painted tiles, mosaic patterns, and specialty designs can add personality and character to your kitchen. Hand-painted tiles offer an artisanal touch, allowing homeowners to infuse the kitchen design with customized patterns and color schemes. 

This variety of materials allows you to balance uniqueness with the overall kitchen style.

Hutton Birch Kitchen in GroveSerene, tranquil, and comfortable all describe this kitchen featuring Hutton door style cabinets from our Kitchen + line in both Grove Birch for the perimeter and Maple in a Driftwood stain for the island. The shelf along the marble backsplash allows a place for salt and pepper shakers and the marble finish provides an enduring timeless look.

4 Marble Backsplash, The Modern Masterpiece

Marble as a material offers unparalleled elegance and understated beauty. A popular material, the polished surface of marble reflects light beautifully, adding a touch of luminosity to the kitchen space. As a material, marble is a more porous stone, making it more susceptible to staining if liquids are left for extended periods, however, vertical installation tends to mitigate this issue.

Its ability to complement a wide range of color schemes and styles ensures its continued popularity in kitchen design, making it a timeless choice that never goes out of fashion.

Stone Backsplash IdeasSurrounded by a background canvas of flat black this kitchen design features matte black next to the natural texture of the stone combined with the warmth of the wood to capture the rustic modern design. Cabinets feature District-style doors from our Kitche + line in Oak with a Brindle finish. Uppers are matte black on MDF.

5 Stone Backsplash - Earthy and Organic

Stone is a chic alternative to traditional backsplash materials. This look is natural and a bit rugged while providing an organic feel to a space. The natural texture of the stone combines flawlessly with the warmth of natural wood to create a harmonious balance. 

Stone’s rich, earthy textures and intricate patterns not only serve as a striking visual focal point but also provide a protective barrier against splatters, stains, and heat. Depending on how you style it, stone can give either a vintage, cottage feel or a modern rustic aesthetic.

How to Choose a Backsplash for Your Kitchen

Now that we’ve explored these five backsplash ideas, let’s discuss how to choose the perfect backsplash for your kitchen design. Material selection and color family can vary greatly, making it especially important to consider your kitchen's style and personal preferences. If tile is on your list, make sure to consider the role of grout color, as that can accent or blend into the color palette.

These five backsplash ideas can take your kitchen design to the next level. Whether you choose modern slab, subway tile, unique patterns, stone, or marble be sure that it flows with the overall design and personality of your kitchen and the rest of your home.

Need help putting your design vision into a cohesive plan?  Visit a Bertch Dealer to browse color combinations and get inspiration from real-world projects and recently-designed kitchens.


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