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All over sprayed on glaze is brushed and sanded off to leave a moderately heavy, brushed look. Profiles and edges are accentuated.


All over wiped on glaze with subtle brush strokes, less even toned, profiles and edges accentuated.

Dry Brushing

Black edging that appears to be burnt, applied to worn corners or eased edges.


This finish trait gives the appearance of an uneven brushed finish, and is only available on solid colors.

Fly Speck

Small dark colored specks are applied randomly by hand to give your cabinetry a unique finish. Fly speck is available in black only.


Applied by hand, this is an all-over, even-toned wiped on glaze, with the profiles and edges accentuated.


Random, transparent spots, applied by a Bertch finish artist. Spatter has the appearance similar to that of water spots.