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Color Trends in 2023

POSTED ON Monday, April 24, 2023 IN Home

Color trends in 2023 range from deep, moody shades to warm inviting neutrals.

Trends in colors used in home design are constantly evolving and can vary greatly depending on location, cultural influences, and individual preferences. Overall, color trends reflect a desire to incorporate personal style and aesthetic preferences into a home.

Each year, the color of the year is announced by various companies in the fashion, beauty, and design industries. This color is chosen based on various factors, such as cultural and social influences, fashion trends, and color psychology. In 2022, color trends from major paint manufacturers all had a similar theme — variations on sage green that we saw incorporated into almost any space in the home.

This year, color experts have chosen a combination of warm, vivid colors and we’re seeing berry tones like Redend Point by Sherwin-Williams and Raspberry Blush by Benjamin Moore as well as Viva Magenta by Pantone. On the other side of the spectrum, warm neutrals like Valspar’s Ivory Brown, Holmes Cream and Cozy White bring muted "restorative" hues into their 12-shade collection. Below, we’ve rounded up some of 2023’s hottest color trends tips on bringing recommendations from top color designers into your project.

Trending colors for 2023

Warm Neutrals1 - Warm Neutrals

A warm neutral color palette typically includes earthy tones and muted shades of warm colors like beige, brown, cream, taupe, and gray. These colors are usually associated with warmth, coziness, and comfort, making them a great choice for creating a welcoming atmosphere in a home. 

Bone white: the color bone white is a slightly off-white color with a yellowish or grayish undertone, resembling the color of a bone. It is a very light and neutral shade of white, often used in design and decorating to create a clean, classic, and timeless look. To accomplish this look with Bertch cabinets, look at the following colors:

Other warm neutral colors include:

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Dark Moody Kitchen Design

2 - Dark, Moody Tones

Lately, we’ve noticed increased interest in moody kitchen design with dark cabinet colors, organic materials, and deep toned countertops. To bring these darker, moodier colors into your home design consider the following:

Earthy Vibes

3 - Earthy Vibes

The 2020s have seen a shift towards more earthy and natural colors in an attempt to connect with nature and bring a feeling of being grounded into home design. This is in line with a growing focus on sustainability and environmentalism. To bring this trend into your home, consider a muted and earthy tone, such as a soft green or a warm brown. 

Whether you follow your heart or current trends, our design teams can help bring your vision to life.  Visit a Bertch Dealer to browse color combinations and door styles with one of our experienced designers.


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