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Bold Wood Finishes for Every Room

POSTED ON Wednesday, June 26, 2019 IN Millwork

Find the finishes that will get the most out of your woodwork

Woodwork is the finishing touch for your home, but no woodwork is complete without a finish. Not only does finish safeguard against cracking and swelling, especially if exposed to moisture, but finish also serves an aesthetic purpose, enhancing the appearance of the wood and complementing your decor and furnishings.

The good news is that you have plenty of choices, especially when working with Bertch. You can coordinate and match all of the millwork and trim in your home, using all the same wood and stain or solid color, or you can go your own way and mix and match based on what moves you.

If you are looking for inspiration as you prepare to make your choices, we can walk you through the wood finishes that are most popular among today’s homeowners as they look to make every room in their home a unique, comforting, and distinctive space.

Create a balanced space with a neutral gray finish

Gray is a popular neutral choice for homeowners, and represents an ideal partner for woodwork. The combination of a solid gray finish and warm wood tones is a rich composition that can be used to achieve a variety of styles and moods, including earthy, contemplative, and rustic. Even the most subtle of colors can pop when paired with woodwork with a gray finish.

Gray is frequently used in homes that embrace a farmhouse aesthetic. Slate gray, in particular, is an ideal finish for imbuing a space with a more rustic feel. Rustic finishes include natural knots and mineral streaks that add depth and character. If your home color palette includes grays, consider pairing it with white cabinets for a calming and relaxing atmosphere.

If you are looking to create a more modern and contemporary feel for a space, a dark gray finish is an option that, much like black, is moody and blends well with a variety of colors. Dark gray woodwork also allows you to make a statement by pairing it with an attention-grabbing accent color, like gold for example. It is an unexpected choice that can make for a bold contrast.

And when we say go bold, don’t be afraid to indulge yourself. Eye-catching colors like orange and peach are more frequently paired with a charcoal gray finish. It is a more adventurous palette, most common with industrial decor, but offers an opportunity to show creative flair.


Black finishes can be used to create a striking design

Black finishes are darker and typically part of more contemporary spaces. The traditional two-tone kitchen combination pairs bright white walls or countertops with black cabinetry, or mixes cabinet finishes within one room - also known as a tuxedo kitchen. The result is a space that feels comfortable and boasts a unique and timeless look.

No clean and contemporary space is complete without a touch of black. Wood and black are an especially striking combination. There is something undeniably appealing about blending natural wood with a finish like matte black, turning any space into a statement piece. Black doors and millwork, with an ebony finish, are also becoming more popular.

There are even homeowners who opt for all black, embracing a modern industrial design. Obviously, all black is certainly a bold choice, but if you are working with a space that benefits from an abundance of natural light, that will help provide the necessary balance.


Create from a neutral canvas with a white finish

White is the most common finish you will find in the kitchen and elsewhere around the house -- and there is a reason for that. Few combinations are as fresh and crisp for the interior of your home than white and wood. The two bring everything around them down to earth.

White is a simple but popular choice for a kitchen cabinet finish because it serves as a neutral canvas, suitable for every design choice from traditional to contemporary. It is a finish that can be applied to birch, poplar, maple, and oak woods, contributing a bright color that reflects the light well enough to make any room tight on space feel larger and more open.

Eggshell and snowbank are also dynamic finishes for your cabinets, doors, and trim work.

Cream or off-white colors are also a great neutral choice if you are looking to achieve a more whimsical look and feel. Some homeowners will pair cream or off-white cabinets with an island or base cabinets of a different color to brighten the space and create a unique contrast.


Blue finishes are more popular than ever

Blue is new, it is bold, and it is fast becoming one of the most popular finish choices for homeowners in the kitchen, especially when it comes to cabinetry. It is a natural hue that possesses an innate tranquility thanks in part to being associated with the sky and the ocean. It’s not as easy of a color to work with as more neutral tones, but it is certainly capable of making an impression when paired with the right contrasting color.

Blue and white are a classic combination. It is a pairing that works well within a number of different spaces. In the kitchen, wood cabinets with a navy blue finish can create a warm and crisp atmosphere when paired with natural wood decor that serves as a counterbalance. If you are looking to give a specific space more of an edge, take that blue-and-white color combination and add a touch of matte black decor, like in the form of lighting or hardware.

Cobalt, a darker shade of blue, is the definition of a statement color. It grabs your attention as soon as you walk in the room. It is a distinctive shade of navy blue that is becoming increasingly popular in kitchens because it brings an unmistakable sense of cool to a modern space. It pairs beautifully with stained wood in almost any medium shade.

Softer blue finishes are less dramatic and more neutral. This can be especially appealing in a utility space like the laundry room, where the soft blue tones bring a feeling of cleanliness.


For every product that Bertch offers, there is a multitude of woods and finishes in both solid colors or stains from which to choose. No matter your style preferences or design choices, you are free to match colors, create a distinctive contrast, or do your own thing -- no matter what that may be. To get started on finding the finish that is going to complete your space, visit our nearest showroom.


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