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Luxury Home Designs

POSTED ON Wednesday, June 1, 2022 IN Kitchen

Integrate luxury into your home - regardless of your budget. Our options show you how to level up your home design at scale.

Modern Luxury KitchenStunning design and impressive finishes are inspiring home remodeling and construction trends as homeowners seek the luxury cooking or dining experience of a favorite restaurant or a bathroom fit for a spa. These luxury home design ideas can inspire comfort and convenience to be enjoyed at any scale. Customize the luxe look to fit your space.

Luxe Finishes

Luxe interior design inspires thoughts of sophisticated colors and high-end materials. Luxury materials can include premium wood species like walnut or mahogany, opulent fabrics and textiles and stylish lighting or hardware with lustrous finishes including metallics or crystal. This elegant design style draws from elements like natural stone, plush fabrics, and satin finishes. The look of your kitchen or bath can indicate luxury design with the elements integrated, making the style achievable for almost anyone.

Luxury Kitchen Design

Countertops can inspire luxury design. From marble and granite to manufactured materials, the hallmark design of a modern luxury kitchen often includes a large island with integrated seating and waterfall edge countertops. Designer stools offer additional opportunities for high-end design from natural wood in a finish like dark walnut to plush fabric seats in velvet or leather. Mixing textiles and fabrics can enhance the look of modern luxury.

Walnut Drawer BoxesLuxury kitchen cabinets include premium materials with a sturdy construction. In the picture above, walnut drawer boxes add a “wow” factor to these solid gray kitchen cabinets. Custom cabinetry can include decorative wood pieces, accents, or built-in accessories like a wine rack or decorative alcoves to display china.

Lustrous accessories like metal or glass accessories, faucets, and hardware add a touch of elegance, and showpiece lighting can strike a right amount of glamour. For a luxe kitchen, think through storage and organization options and custom built-in accessories to ensure countertops stay clear and everything is stored within reach. High-end appliances can inspire a luxury look in a kitchen. You don’t have to replace everything with top-of-the-line, but if your budget allows, consider choosing one showpiece. For example, if you’re an avid cook consider utilizing your range and hood as a statement piece for your kitchen.

Luxury Bathrooms

Bathrooms can display luxury through the use of high-end materials like marble or granite tile and countertops as well as custom cabinetry with sparkling glass and polished hardware. Lighting can make for an impressive accent within any design. Shown below, the integrated custom cabinetry with built-in accent lighting elevates this master bathroom to a spa-like setting.
Custom bathroom cabinetryPhoto credit: 929 Design

Limitless Luxury Design Options

Luxury can also be indicated by an efficiency of use. Luxury cabinets can include conveniences that make utilizing the space pleasurable through thoughtful design and layout. Optimize your storage and efficiency by integrating specialty organization and dedicated use accessories

Integrating Luxury Around the Home

Luxury does not need to be limited to kitchens and bathrooms. Homeowners are integrating luxury finishes into unexpected spaces like basements, closets, garages, and laundry rooms. 

“Anyone can make the main bedroom look glamorous. But I’m an expert at making the 'forgotten' rooms like basements and laundry rooms look stylish. It’s all about organization. And plants. Lots of plants.”

-Nicole Rosenberg, Interior Designer @nicolerosenberg

Integrating luxury storage into a room is all about the cabinets. Cabinets in your living room can include custom built-ins or luxury media cabinets adding storage and an opportunity to display decorative items showing personality. Luxury bar cabinets store your cocktail supplies while adding a high-end aesthetic to your room. The photo below shows a brass grill door insert, as well as some beautiful champagne bronze hardware.

Brass Grill Insert in Bar CabinetTextiles can level up a space on a smaller budget. To bring luxury to a room, look to areas where you can upgrade materials. Plush towels in a bathroom, soft pillows or throws on a sofa, or luxurious bed linens can upgrade an entire space without requiring a remodel. Amenities like fragrant soaps and lotions can add opulence to your sink area. Lighting options can inspire luxury as well, especially when the amount and type of lighting can be chosen at will. Think of task lighting, dimming options, and ambient lighting. Luxury design doesn’t have to be expensive, but thoughtful design and planned storage will always be in style.

If luxury is what you’re planning, visit a Bertch Dealer to talk through options that bring high-end finishes to your luxury room no matter your price point. Our experienced designers can help you find the right combination of accents, accessories, and materials to level up your design.


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