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Statement Pieces For Your Kitchen

POSTED ON Friday, January 7, 2022 IN Kitchen

Learn more about different statement pieces for your kitchen.

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in any home. We prepare meals there, and we entertain guests. Because the kitchen is the heart of many households, everyone wants a unique look. While there are several ways to accomplish this, one of the most eye-catching is by using a statement piece. 

A statement piece is an interesting, attractive or bold piece that becomes the focus point of your room. Anything can be a statement piece, from unique kitchen islands, decorative kitchen backsplashes, lighting fixtures, or even specialty appliances. A statement kitchen should contain one or more showpiece items as the first thing people notice when they enter the room. In this article we’re going to explore a few examples of our favorite statement kitchen pieces to give you inspiration for creating a unique look in your home.

Beautiful hearth above range

A Beautiful Hearth and Cabinetry

The first thing you’d notice when entering this kitchen is the rich wood hearth above the range. The molding on the hearth is simplistic but bold. It draws eyes to the center where a decorative clock and plants adorn the top for ornamentation. The cabinetry also deserves mention, with its ample drawers for storage space and greater organization. The homeowner can fill the glass cabinets with fine china and Waterford crystal for special occasions. As a final aside, the pot filler above the oven is a practical piece sought after by many homeowners. This handy feature allows you to fill a pot of water right on the gas range, rather than having to carry a full pot from the sink.

Keep Your Eyes Up

Teal Kitchen Island and Statement Kitchen Ceiling

Next up on our list serves as a reminder that nearly anything can be a statement piece. In this kitchen, the ceiling takes centerstage. The ceiling is an ornate gold leaf punctuated by detailed molding. These elements combine to create an appearance that is quite uncommon for most homes. At the same time, the kitchen island is also a contender for the statement piece. The unique kitchen island is a turquoise blue that stands out but also works cohesively with the muted color palette, rich woods and tan floor tiles. This works well as it guides guests' eyes to the middle of the kitchen, creating a natural focal point.

Blending Rustic and Modern with a Statement Range Hood

Rustic Modern Kitchen with Statement Range HoodContrasting styles can be a great way to accentuate your design. In this rural Iowa kitchen we see rustic woodwork sitting alongside modern barstools, light fixtures, cabinets and appliances. The whole kitchen is eye-catching, especially the recessed wood paneled ceiling, but the main focus is undoubtedly the statement rangehood. More often than not, rangehoods tend to be metallic in order to match the appliances. Here though, the rangehood is a subdued natural colored wood that matches the hanging shelves on either side. The string lights that hang over the island are also a nice touch. They add much more character to the kitchen than a standard light fixture would!

Colorful Yellow Kitchen IslandA Colorful Unique Kitchen Island

A statement piece doesn’t have to be a one-of-a-kind appliance or piece of art. This canary-yellow kitchen island shows the power of bright colors. The rest of the kitchen is punctuated by earthy natural wood floors, stainless steel appliances and white cabinetry. Then, right in the middle of the kitchen, is the yellow island. This is a bold choice by the homeowner but we think it pays off. It's a reminder that sometimes the use of color is enough to make a piece standout and be unique in its own right.

Finding The Perfect Statement Piece For Your Kitchen

When it comes to finding a statement piece for your kitchen, you need to evaluate your personal preferences first. Can you achieve the look you’re going for with a color change? Maybe more unique looking appliances? Or perhaps you’re looking for an art piece that turns heads? Once you’ve decided on the type of statement piece that would work best for you, the options are limitless. If you need help navigating all the different options available to you, visit a Bertch showroom and speak with a designer for ideas and inspiration. Look through photos to find what speaks to your style. To see even more statement pieces, visit our inspiration section for more ideas.


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